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Hassan Aziz

Professional Growth

Volume 35 Number 5 | October 2021 Hassan Aziz, PhD, FACSs, MLS(ASCP)CM, ASCLS President This year’s Joint Annual Meeting, Lab JAM 2021, with a hybrid combination of in-person and remote plenary and break-out educational sessions, was a huge success. Thanks…

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ASCLS Board of Directors in shower

We Are Family

Volume 35 Number 5 | October 2021 Claude Rector, MA, MLS(ASCP)CM, ASCLS Region VII Director In 1979 the Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series over the Baltimore Orioles. During their championship season, the Pirates had a team motto: “We Are…

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Racheal Nassimbwa

Developing Professionals Forum: Experiencing Professional Growth

Volume 35 Number 5 | October 2021 Racheal Nassimbwa, ASCLS Developing Professionals Forum Chair, and Amanda Clapie, ASCLS Developing Professionals Forum Secretary The Developing Professionals Forum (DPF) professionally educates students of medical laboratory science as expressed by the organization’s philosophies,…

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Joanna Ellis

The Gift of Lab Gab

Volume 35 Number 5 | October 2021 Effectively Communicate Lab Science for Understanding and Appreciation Joanna R. Ellis, MS, MLS(ASCP)CM, CHWI Laboratory professionals’ voices are infrequently heard in public health conversations. Science skepticism and mistrust can influence health behaviors such…

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Heather Kobza

Growing into Infection Control

Volume 35 Number 5 | October 2021 Exploring New Career Opportunities in Public Health Heather Kobza, MLS(ASCP)CMMBCM As a student I was always fascinated by infectious diseases. I would find myself reading books like Hot Zone or watching documentaries about…

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Reactive Hypoglycemia? A Case Report

Volume 35 Number 5 | October 2021 Brandy D. Gunsolus, DCLS, MLS(ASCP)CM A 19-year-old female was transferred to a tertiary academic medical center from an outside facility for persistent hypoglycemia requiring IV D10 infusion. Patient reports the hypoglycemic episodes began…

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Advocacy in Times of Change

Volume 35 Number 5 | October 2021 Letycia Nuñez-Argote, MPH, MLS(ASCP)CM In March of 2020, the concerns over deaths due to COVID-19 were on the rise. Then came the travel restrictions, closing schools and venues, wearing masks, and suspending gatherings…

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2021 ASCLS Lifetime Achievement Award

2021 ASCLS Lifetime Achievement Award

Volume 35 Number 5 | October 2021 This recognition celebrates an ASCLS member who has made significant contributions to ASCLS at all levels. This is the eighth year for this award. The recipient will have made significant contributions to ASCLS,…

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