Lisa Hochstein, MS, MLS(ASCP)CM, ASCLS Region I Director

ASCLS-NY brings continuing education opportunities to all members by holding meetings upstate and downstate in alternate years.

In Region I, we have three active constituent state societies. These societies are both large and small and each takes steps to make their state meetings work for their members. Here is a sample of what we do for continuing education.

ASCLS-New York is a one of the states with a large membership within Region I. Geographically, the state is also so large the meetings are held upstate and downstate in alternate years. ASCLS-NY moves the meeting to the larger cities in the upstate area and in the New York City area for the downstate meeting. New venues need to be found each time the meeting moves and a new host for the venue chosen. It would be easier to stay in one place, but this arrangement works well for the members. Using this approach, ASCLS-NY is able to bring continuing education opportunities to all members.

ASCLS-Maine has a smaller state membership within Region I. Despite being small in number, it knows how to put on a seminar! The three-day “Maine Meeting,” as people call it, is well known. It occurs each fall and is a joint venture with ASCLS-ME, AMT, and CLMA. This group shows that collaboration works, bringing together members of all three societies in the preparation of the meeting. Its meeting is a big success in a small state.

ASCLS-Central New England, one of the larger groups within Region I, also holds a very successful meeting each year. Rhode Island serves as the venue for the meeting for the states that make up CNE. This three-day meeting is well attended and brings members from Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts together for both continuing education and comradery.

Continuing education is one of the many benefits of being an ASCLS member. Our constituent societies each try to deliver this benefit in their own unique way that benefits all their members.

Lisa Hochstein is associate professor/program director of the Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program at St. John’s University in Queens, New York.