Review, Acceptance and Notification

Members of the ASCLS Education Scientific Assembly will perform a blind review all abstract submissions. Authors will receive email notification of abstract acceptance/rejection by December 8.  The letter of acceptance will include information on the date and time of the poster presentations. A registration discount is included for accepted abstract presentations (lead author only).

Information for Accepted Poster Authors

Presentation of Posters

Posters will be displayed virtually within the meeting website/app. Posters should be designed in PowerPoint (landscape view, widescreen preferred) and include up to 7 minutes of narration.

Designated Poster Presentation Sessions will be held on Thursday & Friday (times to be announced). Presenters will need to be available during their assigned time to interact with attendees and address any questions or comments (via Zoom chat) while their poster recordings are being presented.

Poster Guidelines

Corporate logos and advertisements are not permitted on poster presentations; institutional logos are permitted.


  • Choose easy-to-read, simple block letters without serifs. Avoid italics.
  • Headings should be in capital letters.
  • The space between lines should be at least ¾ of the height of the letters.
  • Leave plenty of space between the components of the presentation.
  • Photographs, line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts and graphic illustrations may be useful. Avoid illustrations which are unclear, difficult to read, or too busy.
  • Color is an advantage (avoid using red vs. green in comparisons as both appear gray to red-green color blind colleagues)
  • Interactive opportunities (such as QR codes) and/or handouts are highly valued by poster viewers.
  • Include contact information on poster as to how attendees may reach the presenter(s) for further information.

Questions about the submission of poster files may be submitted to Melanie Giusti at