The Clinical Laboratory Educators Forum is soliciting quality abstract submissions for scientific posters at the 2023 Clinical Laboratory Educators Conference in New Orleans, LA. Please review the following information and guidelines carefully.

General Information

  1. Abstracts must be submitted according to the instructions provided and be received no later than November 6, 2022. Failure to follow format instructions will result in automatic rejection of the abstract.
  2. Abstract may be original research, description of a teaching tool or other project that benefited/improved instruction or program administration. Teaching tool or project must include outcome measurement and conclusions/applications or implications.
  3. All abstracts must be original. Please perform appropriate literature searches to avoid issues with plagiarism.
  4. A nonmember may submit an abstract if a current ASCLS member coauthors the abstract (membership status as of November 6, 2022 will be verified).
  5. The submitting author, if poster is accepted, must register for the meeting and be available for questions during the poster showcase times.
  6. Posters will be displayed digitally at the conference site and within the meeting app.

Review, Acceptance and Notification

Members of the ASCLS Clinical Laboratory Educators Forum will perform a blind review of all abstract submissions. Abstracts will be evaluated on the presentation of project (ie: clearly communicates the scope of the project, methodology, and any relevant data/outcomes/future use) and adherence to published guidelines. Authors will receive email notification of abstract acceptance/rejection by December 16.  The letter of acceptance will include information on the date and time of the poster presentations. A registration discount is included for accepted poster abstracts (submitting/presenting author only).

Information for Accepted Poster Authors

Presentation of Posters

Posters will be displayed digitally at the conference site and within the meeting website/app. Poster authors are asked to provide their posters as PPT files, which will be converted to PDFs for posting within the meeting app. Posters should be designed in PowerPoint (landscape view, widescreen preferred).

Authors are also encouraged to pre-record/narrate an overview of their poster research/findings to share with our attendees (recommend <10 mins). You can save that recording to a shared location (such as a Google Drive, DropBox, etc.) and provide the URL for posting in the meeting platform.

Poster Guidelines

Corporate logos and advertisements are not permitted on poster presentations; institutional logos are permitted.


  • Choose easy-to-read, simple block letters without serifs. Avoid italics.
  • Headings should be in capital letters.
  • The space between lines should be at least ¾ of the height of the letters.
  • Leave plenty of space between the components of the presentation.
  • Photographs, line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts and graphic illustrations may be useful. Avoid illustrations which are unclear, difficult to read, or too busy.
  • Color is an advantage (avoid using red vs. green in comparisons as both appear gray to red-green color blind colleagues)
  • Interactive opportunities (such as QR codes) and/or handouts are highly valued by poster viewers.
  • Include contact information on poster as to how attendees may reach the presenter(s) for further information.


January 6, 2023 – confirmation of participation emailed to

February 13, 2023 – poster file (and URL, if applicable) submitted to