Volume 35 Number 4 | August 2021

Ali Nussbaum, MA, MLS(ASCP)CM, ASCLS Political Action Committee Vice Chair

Ali NussbaumDoes going to Capitol Hill to tell your elected senators and representatives about career-related legislation seem overwhelming or not appealing? Does even reaching out to your elected officials through email more than you really want to do? That’s okay! There are people within ASCLS who are passionate about advocacy and who enjoy going to their elected officials to discuss important topics relating to the medical laboratory profession.

Are you the person who donates to a participant of a walk-a-thon, so you don’t have to do it yourself? That’s perfectly fine! If you are that person who would rather donate to a worthy cause than leave the comfort of your home, then I have a great opportunity for you.

Donate to the ASCLS Political Action Committee (PAC). Get the glory of donating towards making legislative improvements for our profession—such as addressing the workforce shortage—without having to attend the Laboratory Legislative Symposium or email your senator or representative. It’s quick, easy, and painless. And the great part is that the PAC is filled with motivated people who can utilize that money, with the help of Patrick Cooney and the Federal Group, to speak to key Congress people that can help our profession.

“Making a difference does not need to be scary or make you feel overwhelmed.”

As an organization, ASCLS wants to believe that everyone has the same level of passion as the PAC and the Government Affairs Committee (GAC). BUT we are reasonable people who know that this is not the case. That is why we make it so easy to make donations to the PAC in order to help fund the causes that will have the biggest benefit to you while requiring NO ADDITIONAL WORK OR TRAVEL FROM YOU.

See, it’s easy to make an impact while chilling in front of the TV or enjoying life getting back to normal after COVID. A few simple clicks and you can make a difference!

To donate to the PAC:

  1. Log into Member Central on ASCLS.org.
  2. Click “Make a Donation” on the left-hand side.
  3. And click “DONATE” next to the ASCLS PAC donation spot.

Remember, if you donate $40 or more, you will receive a special PAC pin that is unique every year. They are fun collectable items that can be put on your yearly lanyard at meetings or can be put on display in your home. This is a fun token to remind you that you made a difference for the profession!

If you donate more than $300 dollars in one calendar year, then you get a super special gold pin. This pin lets everyone know that you are awesome.

If you donate more than $300 in one year for 3 years, you will receive a Platinum pin that really shows the world you are a Super PAC Donor.

Making a difference does not need to be scary or make you feel overwhelmed. Let those who want to go out and speak with Congress people do that by giving a donation that supports the effort.

Money raised by the PAC gets invested into the future of the laboratory profession, and a donation of at least $10 is the start to better healthcare for all (and hopefully soon a long-term solution to the workforce shortage!) Hey, did I mention the PAC is currently utilizing funds to pass a workforce shortage bill that will fund scholarships to students in order to see higher recruitment potential in years to come?

Being an armchair advocate is not a bad thing! Its about knowing your strengths and abilities. If chatting with your representatives and senators does not seem like something you are willing to do, then consider donating to the PAC so we can do it for you! However, the PAC is always looking for those who are passionate about advocacy and do want to head down to their local representative offices. If this is you, check out ascls.org/pac.

Ali Nussbaum is a Laboratory Specialist in Laboratory Information Systems and Medical Microbiologist at Hennepin Healthcare in Minneapolis, Minnesota.