The following scientific research and paper and poster awards were given at the 2020 ASCLS Joint Annual Meeting.

Scientific Research

This year’s recipients are Gerald Redwine, Louis Caruana, Rodney Rohde, and Chris Russian for A Prospective Study of Patients Diagnosed with Sarcoidosis: Factors – Environmental Exposure, Health Assessment, and Genetic Outlooks.

Scientific Assembly Awards
  • Chemistry/Urinalysis: Vicki Freeman
  • Laboratory Administration: Lezlee Koch
Annual Meeting Poster Awards
Annual Meeting Oral Presentation

This year’s recipients are Leanne Hutson and Joy Obuekwe for Acute Myeloid Leukemia – Down Syndrome: A Case Study.

Education Scientific Assembly Student Paper Awards

Research Paper. This year’s recipient is Kristina Olack for Capillary Blood and Urine Ketone Body Analysis During the Ketogenic Diet.

Case Study. This year’s recipients are Jennifer Adcock, Mohammed Al Swar, Ali Al Zaher, Abhay Joshi, and Kathryn Napier for Testing Implications for IgE Monoclonal Gammopathy.