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  • Cholera outbreak in South Africa: A harsh reality check September 18, 2023
    In 2023, a cholera outbreak in South Africa illustrates the correlation between disease and poverty. The spread of this disease sheds light on the bleak reality of the conditions and challenges faced by those most vulnerable in South Africa.
  • York U program helps fund 16 Global South health care hubs to combat infectious diseases September 18, 2023
    A York University-led program is helping bolster health care in the Global South by providing more than $5.8 million in funding for 16 projects in as many countries, including polio surveillance in Ethiopia and helping Indigenous communities in the Philippines.
  • Can you still get COVID-19 tests for free? September 18, 2023
    COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths are gradually increasing in the U.S., as two new variants gain a foothold in the nation. In addition with that rise, more people are looking for COVID-19 test kitsospitalizations rose by nearly 9% and deaths by nearly 11% in late August/early September, according to the latest tracking data from the U.S. […]
  • Northwestern University study shares news insights into aging guided by transcriptome, gene length imbalance September 18, 2023
    Can humans control aging by keeping their genes long and balanced? Researchers at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, believe it may be possible. They have unveiled a "previously unknown mechanism" behind aging that could lead to medical interventions to slow or even reverse aging, according to a Northwestern news release.
  • Yet another mosquito-borne threat: The 'Jamestown Canyon virus' September 18, 2023
    You've probably heard of West Nile virus, but mosquitoes spread various other illnesses, too, including the little-known Jamestown Canyon virus, which is garnering attention across the U.S.