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  • Heart disease: CT scans may be best for predicting risk during middle age May 26, 2023
    On average, someone in the U.S. dies of cardiovascular disease every 34 seconds. Yet the World Health Organization estimates that over 75% of early cardiovascular disease cases are preventable. To minimize the risk of heart disease, it's important for doctors to assess an individual's risk factors, particularly for coronary heart disease.
  • Novel tool predicts Buruli ulcer outbreaks in Victoria May 26, 2023
    Researchers have developed a surveillance system capable of detecting elevated risks of Buruli ulcer outbreaks in Victoria thanks to possum 'poo' — a breakthrough in the fight against the disease. Once considered an exotic bacterial infection, Buruli ulcer has become an important public health problem in Victoria, with the state now considered one of the […]
  • Melatonin therapy may minimize long-term fatigue in breast cancer May 26, 2023
    Long-term treatment with melatonin appeared to reduce disease-related fatigue in a cohort of patients with breast cancer even after the conclusion of adjuvant therapy, according to findings from a clinical trial conducted in Iran and published recently in Integrative Cancer Therapies.
  • Stem cell research could enable blood to be made in other parts of the body May 26, 2023
    Our bodies make blood in a specialized niche — a "nursery" within our bone marrow that nurtures blood stem cells so they can replicate and make different kinds of blood cells. The lab of Leonard Zon, M.D., has even shown how blood stem cells, once they settle in the niche, are "cuddled" by nearby cells.
  • New chemical compound demonstrates potential in nerve regeneration May 26, 2023
    Research led by UCL, in partnership with the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology and AstraZeneca, has identified a new compound that can stimulate nerve regeneration after injury, as well as protect cardiac tissue from the sort of damage seen in heart attack.