Members maintain their ASCLS membership through state and local societies. Within these constituent societies, members are able to discuss local and statewide problems, compare and contrast issues, standards and methodologies of their respective laboratories, and stimulate local/regional interest in the profession. Constituent state societies produce journals or newsletters to facilitate communications among their members. Workshops and seminars are sponsored to provide continuing education. State societies also sponsor their own annual meetings, usually held in late winter or spring of each year.

As required by the ASCLS Bylaws, an individual must hold membership at the state and national levels. It is this organizational structure that allows for appropriate channeling of local needs to the national level and national activities and programs back to the individual members.


ASCLS Strategic Framework 2022-23 PDF

ASCLS Calendar 2022-23 PDF (Updated 4/13/2022)

ASCLS Calendar 2023-24 PDF (Updated 4/10/2023)

ASCLS Bylaws PDF (Updated 6/30/2022)

ASCLS Position Descriptions PDF (Updated 11/1/2019)

ASCLS Committee Charges 2022-23 PDF (Updated 8/13/2022)

ASCLS Organizational Chart PDF (Updated 8/1/2020)

Constituent Leader Institute Modules  Online modules covering ASCLS structure and strategy as well as best practices for volunteer management, marketing, meeting planning, and membership.

Marketing & Communication Handbook  Online handbook developed by the ASCLS Marketing and Communication Committee intended for use by members of the ASCLS Leadership Community

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