New Professional Leadership Award nominees

The Student Forum Leadership Award recognizes a student member who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and who has contributed to the growth and development of the Student Forum. Nominees for the Student Forum Leadership Award were: Samantha Buck, Colorado; Brittany Campion, Minnesota; John Mark Frederick, New Jersey; Ivan Sanchez, California; and Wendy Wang, Kansas.

The 2018 Student Forum Leadership Award winner is Ivan Sanchez.

This excerpt is from Ivan’s nomination letter: “His sincere commitment to the profession and organization has been such a wonderful benefit to our state society. We are truly fortunate to have such a dedicated, intelligent, and wonderful person represent our organization’s values and integrity. I know he will continue to be an asset for our profession and organization.”

The New Professional Leadership Award recognizes a member of ASCLS who has contributed significantly to the field of clinical laboratory science and the society within the first five years in the profession and who has made a significant contribution and shown a talent for leadership. Nominees for the New Professional Leadership Award were: James Gardner, Louisiana; Nathan Howell, New York; Kathryn Norton, Idaho; William Jonathan Windsor, Colorado; and Nicholas Yu, Kansas.

The 2018 New Professional Leadership Award winner is James Gardner.

This excerpt is from James’ nomination letter: “He has a passion and love for the profession. He sees the importance of the medical laboratory profession and it is evident in the work he does both at his place of employment and in the organization. He has participated in many local, state, regional, and national events, serving in numerous leadership roles. He is currently serving as our society’s president elect and continually reaches out to members of the profession and encourages them to renew their membership or encourages them to join. He is a role model for those entering the profession and those thinking of joining the profession.”

Congratulations to Ivan and James for their leadership, their support for the clinical laboratory profession, and their passion for ASCLS. Visit Awards and Scholarships for details about the 2019 awards.