Eykka Gundlach, Chair
I am a student at the University of Minnesota and currently in clinical rotations. I’ll graduate with my BS in medical laboratory science in December. When I’m not focused on schoolwork, I enjoy knitting and spending time with my fiancé and our cats—Heisenberg and Rosalyn.

I got involved with ASCLS in 2017 after asking one of my professors about our campus MLS club. From this conversation, she knew I was passionate about laboratory science and recommended me for Minnesota’s student representative when this position was vacant. My role as student representative allowed me the chance to attend the 2018 ASCLS Annual Meeting in Chicago. I was blown away by the networking opportunities, education offered, and how great the trip was! This summer I attended the Joint Annual Meeting in Charlotte and had a blast again. I am thrilled that I was elected Developing Professionals Forum chair, and I look forward to promoting medical laboratory science and ASCLS this year through my new position.

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JD Hollowell, Vice Chair
My name is James Hollowell, but I have always gone by JD. I hail from the small town of Vidalia, Louisiana. I’m a senior at the University of Louisiana-Monroe in my second year of our medical laboratory science program. I am just finishing up my very first clinical rotation, which is hematology at Oschner LSU Health here in Monroe. Next I will be traveling to LifeShare Blood Center in Shreveport, Louisiana, for my blood bank rotation.

Our program is led by an amazing group of professors who have always encouraged us to become involved in our professional society. Last year, we hosted the annual LSCLS/ASCLS-MS Bi-State Meeting, and I saw firsthand what it is like when professional society members come together. I saw old colleagues and former classmates reunite, new friendships form, and an amazing gathering of people who share many of the same interests. The most important shared interest was having a passion for our profession.

At the LA-MS Bi-State Meeting I was inspired to run for secretary of the Developing Professionals Forum for LSCLS. After I was elected, I knew that I wanted to become involved at a national level, so I started planning to attend the ASCLS-AGT Joint Annual Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina. Many of our state society members are heavily involved with ASCLS, and I heard so many of them talk about their experiences at national meetings. I knew this was an opportunity I could not miss!

My time in Charlotte absolutely solidified my passion for ASCLS and provided me with the tools I need to spread that passion and encourage others in our incredible field to join in on the fun. I love being outdoors and spending time with my friends and family. My favorite thing in the whole world is making other people laugh. I think if I wasn’t a medical laboratory scientist, I would be trying to land a role on Saturday Night Live. My big post-graduation goal is to adopt my own dog, because I never could do that growing up.

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Rebecca Wagner, Secretary
Originally from the Houston, Texas, area, I graduated from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi on August 10, 2019, with my BS in clinical laboratory sciences. On August 29 I passed my MLS(ASCP) certification exam. I am very excited about both of these huge milestones, and I cannot wait to start my career in the medical field.

I learned about ASCLS through my professors and became interested in becoming a member. I attended the ASCLS Joint Annual Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, this year where I presented research that I had worked on with a few of my classmates. At this meeting, I was able to connect and interact with others in the clinical laboratory science field and create new lifelong friendships with people from all across the country. It is an honor to be the Developing Professionals Forum 2019-20 secretary, and I look forward to helping in any way I can this upcoming year.

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The Developing Professionals Forum is open to all ASCLS Developing Professional (student) members.