ASCLS invites all members to join Scientific Assemblies for no additional expense.  The Scientific Assemblies offer members opportunities for scientific, professional, and personal growth through pursuit of these goals:

  • Provide expertise within a CLS discipline.
  • Provide opportunities for basic and continuing education including online education.
  • Identify avenues for scientific and professional advancement.
  • Assist in developing clinical laboratory standards.
  • Participate in CLS discipline-centered written and electronic communication.
  • Participate in the web-based ASCLS forum.
  • Identify talent for scientific and professional activities.

Using our online member communities, the Scientific Assemblies provide active discussion lists for regular member communication. Please join members in this arena to learn and contribute to your professional organization.  ASCLS members can participate in one or more of the following scientific assemblies:

  • Chemistry/Urinalysis
  • Education
  • Generalist
  • Hematology/Hemostasis
  • Immunology/Immunohematology
  • Informatics
  • Laboratory Administration/Consultant/Quality/Accreditation/Industry
  • Microbiology/Public Health
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Point of Care Testing
  • Phlebotomy

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