Linda Hickok, MLS(ASCP)CM, Political Action Committee Secretary

The ASCLS/Political Action Committee (PAC) is a voluntary nonprofit organization created to provide financial and educational support for the election campaigns of responsible candidates for Congress. All PACs are legal, ethical, and strictly regulated by federal law, which limits the amount of individual contributions and requires full and regular disclosure.

ASCLS/PAC offers members a simple, convenient way to influence the elections process and actively participate in the federal decision-making process. Through the PAC, ASCLS members can unite together to gain the attention of candidates for national political office.

In another sense, your support and generous contributions to the ASCLS/PAC represents your Positive Action and Commitment.

Our system of government depends on the wisdom and integrity of elected officials. They, in turn, represent us best when they are exposed to and held accountable by an informed and active public. Now more than ever, laboratory professionals must take an active role to see that congressional reforms of American healthcare support cost-effective, high-quality clinical laboratory services. You can help by supporting the ASCLS/PAC. Each dollar you give improves the chances that informed and capable people will be elected to Congress to enact responsible reforms in America’s health service delivery system.

Healthcare in the United States has unfortunately evolved into a complex and intricate network of legislation and regulation. Legislation approved today can vastly change the future course of a profession — our profession. It is the responsibility of the profession itself and its members to keep lawmakers fully informed and cognizant of the key issues that may directly impact us.

To provide the needed information to our lawmakers, it is necessary to gain access and attention. ASCLS/PAC is designed to do just that — to gain access and obtain the attention of lawmakers.

By providing campaign contributions to a carefully selected number of candidates, the ASCLS/PAC helps ensure the re-election of lawmakers who have been attentive to the needs of the clinical laboratory profession. Our support for these candidates guarantees that ASCLS is well represented in Congress.

Established in 1976, the ASCLS/PAC is administered by its own Board of Trustees. Campaign contributions must be approved by the Chair or by the full Board of Trustees. Recommendations for contributions are made by both ASCLS staff and members; decisions are based on a candidate’s past record of performance, understanding of healthcare issues, and likelihood of future support for clinical laboratory science.

Any solicitation for contributions to ASCLS/PAC is intended solely for members of ASCLS, an individual membership organization, for the purposes of the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1976, as amended. ASCLS does not solicit or accept contributions from individuals who are not members of ASCLS.

ASCLS/PAC is supported solely by donations from ASCLS members. Under federal law, these donations must be voluntary, and cannot be listed as a charitable contribution for tax purposes. The PAC files financial reports with the Federal Election Commission on a quarterly basis. Your support of the ASCLS/PAC demonstrates your support of hard-working and responsible candidates for public office. Your contribution decision will in no way affect your rights as a member of ASCLS.

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