In addition to providing networking, publications, continuing education, and high professional standards, ASCLS recognizes members who help make this society work. The Society presents state, regional, and national awards each year at annual meetings. Some members are nominated for awards; others may apply to receive awards.

Each year the constituent society presidents receive the guidelines for the current year’s awards program. These guidelines are availabe to everyone, and provide up-to-date information, criteria and application forms.

Most Awards Applications are submitted online using the button below. Omicron Sigma and Keys to the Future submissions are submitted under the individual award pages.

Ascending Professional Leadership Award (Due February 22)

Developing Professional Leadership Award (Due February 22)

Lifetime Achievement Award (Due February 22)

Society Website Award (Due February 22)

Society Publication Award (Due February 22)

Scientific Research Award (Due February 22)

Scientific Assembly Professional Achievement Award (Due February 22)

Theriot Award (Due February 22)

Voices Under 40 (Due April 1)

Constituent Society Member of the Year Recognition (Due April 1)

Omicron Sigma (Due April 1)

Keys to the Future (Due May 1)

Promotion of the Profession Fundraising Award (Due May 15)


Word Document Attachment Templates

Attachment 1:  ASCLS Society Involvement  (needed for Lifetime Achievement, Ascending Professional Leadership, Developing Professional Leadership)
Attachment 2:  Honors, Presentations, Publications and Other (needed for Lifetime Achievement, Ascending Professional Leadership)
Attachment 3:  Developing Professional Leadership

Questions about an award?  Contact and include the title of the award in the subject line of the email.

Information about each of our national awards can be found on the menu to the right. State societies often have similar awards.