PRISM: Pride · Respect · Inclusion · Support · Momentum

January 12–17, 2022

PRISM: Pride Respect Inculsion Support MomentumJoin us as we celebrate and ignite discussions regarding diversity in the profession and the inequities in our healthcare system, the ASCLS Diversity Advocacy Council (DAC) invites you to participate in PRISM: Pride · Respect · Inclusion · Support · Momentum, which debuted in January 2021. As leaders and members, we understand that the most uncomfortable conversations can be the most educational, productive, and inspiring. With this in mind, the DAC organized PRISM, a series of virtual activities that culminates with a candid conversation with a featured guest.

Demanding More Book Cover

Dynamic Discussion: Being an Ally
Join the leaders of the ASCLS Diversity Advocacy Council (DAC) for a discussion on being an ally in both our professional and private circles. The concept of being an ally is multifaceted. It begins by listening and observing, but extends into so much more. We need to show up for our colleagues and friends and turn our words into action to speak for those not present or not able.

2021 PRISM Events

Book Club Discussions

Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Isabel Wilkerson

Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents

Health Disparities and Cultural Humility with Dr. Robin L. Eubanks

Dr. Robin L. Eubanks, associate professor at Rutgers University Biomedical and Health Sciences – School of Health Professions in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, an interactive discussion on cultural humility and health disparities.

Robin Eubanks

Candid Conversations: Glenda Price

Cheryl Caskey, past president of ASCLS, interviewed Glenda Price, first African American president of ASCLS. Glenda was considered a very inspiring mentor and leader to many. She was often the first African American or first women (and sometimes both) to hold a variety of leadership positions throughout ASCLS and academia. Some who knew her would say she was a trailblazer who spoke quietly, with honesty and measured words and tones.

Glenda Price