Ally Storla, MLS(ASCP)CM, ASCLS Georgia President Elect

ASCLS Georgia is a unique state society that enjoys strong bonds from longtime members who provide their expertise and leadership experience before passing the torch to the Ascending Professionals. ASCLS Georgia has annually provided the medical laboratory students of Georgia with review sessions in the spring to assist in preparing them for their Board of Certification exams, as well as providing continuing education opportunities to current medical laboratory professionals at its annual meetings.

ASCLS Georgia also has strong ties to the wider laboratory community in the state. It has collaborated with the Georgia-based company MediaLab, Inc., to provide an annual scholarship for a Georgia medical laboratory student to attend the ASCLS Annual Meeting every year since 2014. ASCLS Georgia leaders have used their connections through work and school within the state to provide low-cost meeting locations and attract interesting exhibitors. This allows ASCLS Georgia to continue to support its members through continuing education, innovative technology, and travel grants for attending annual ASCLS meetings and the Legislative Symposium in Washington, D.C.

ASCLS Georgia is more than a society; it is a network of friends and family. ASCLS Georgia has been blessed with eager young go-getters pursuing active leadership roles throughout the medical laboratory community on a local, regional, and national level. ASCLS Georgia can boast many recent ASCLS National Leadership Academy Graduates including Susan Burks, Lacey Campbell, Kemorine Roberts, and Ally Storla—all past or current ASCLS Georgia Presidents. ASCLS Georgia also has many eager medical laboratory students run for election and attend the annual ASCLS meetings. ASCLS Georgia has been very fortunate to have such passionate, hardworking, and caring members and leaders.

ASCLS Georgia was very thankful to have Dr. Brandy Gunsolus, the first Doctor of Clinical Laboratory Science, as its keynote speaker for the 2018 Annual Meeting—and even prouder to have her as its 2019–2020 ASCLS Georgia president elect. ASCLS Georgia enjoyed a strong turnout for the 2018 Annual Meeting and aims to continue this into 2019 with big plans and potential collaborations.

2019 looks to be a great year for Region III and for ASCLS Georgia, with the ASCLS Annual Meeting being held nearby in Charlotte, North Carolina, from June 23–27, and the 2019 Region III Triennial Meeting coming to our southern border in Pensacola, Florida, September 27-29. These meetings will provide cost-effective and local opportunities to society members for networking and continuing education.

On a personal note, ASCLS Georgia is a wonderful society of which to be a part. In my brief time I have watched its members build families, become managers, host baby showers for other members, become professors, and advance their careers, all through networking and contacts they have made through their ASCLS membership. Our future is bright because our members are more than members—they are leaders, professionals, friends, and family.

I am very grateful for the role ASCLS Georgia has played in my career as well as my laboratory. I have networked with nearby medical laboratory science programs to assist in providing a clinical rotation site for students who have gone on to work for my hospital. I have learned so much by serving in various roles within the society and have expanded my skillsets greatly. Ultimately I am a better medical laboratory scientist for my community and for my laboratory because of my experiences in ASCLS Georgia.

ASCLS Georgia is one of many ASCLS constituent societies serving our community and state. ASCLS Georgia provides so much to its members and professionals—such as a voice that lobbies on their behalf annually on Capitol Hill at the Legislative Symposium. It provides annual student review sessions to give the medical laboratory students of Georgia every opportunity to successfully pass their Board of Certification exams and become the next generation of medical laboratory professionals that Georgia needs.

ASCLS Georgia provides annual continuing education and interesting exhibitors to benefit professionals and our partners in industry. The society provides experience in leadership and networking to its volunteers who work hard to continue achieving these goals year after year. ASCLS Georgia is fortunate to be growing from the seasoned experience of many dedicated, hardworking leaders through the hard work and eagerness of the next generation of medical laboratory scientist leaders.