The ASCLS Government Affairs Committee hosted a free webinar on October 3, 2019, to provide ASCLS members with an overview of advocacy and how to get involved. The presentation focused on the importance of advocacy, the technical aspects of regulation versus legislation, and practical approaches to individual advocacy.

The webinar speakers were Donna Spannaus-Martin, PhD, MLS(ASCP)CM; Stephanie Noblit, JD, MLS(ASCP)CM; and Letycia Núñez Argote, MPH, CPH, MLS(ASCP)CM. Key take-aways from the webinar include the following.

Why Should You Take the Time to Advocate?

You are the expert on clinical laboratory issues—we, as laboratory professionals, know best how the laboratory affects healthcare and how legislation affects the laboratory.

You are the voice for the profession—if we don’t speak up for ourselves, no one else will speak for us.

Demystifying the Process

  1. Overview of the structure of U.S. government and why you would contact a certain branch of government at the national or state level.
  2. Explanation of the legislative process—how a bill becomes a law.
  3. How regulation works with legislation—the rule making process.
  4. Specific examples of easy ways you can advocate for the medical laboratory profession—tell your personal story.

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