The goal of the ASCLS Mentorship Program is to create a supportive environment that fosters a feeling of belonging and value as a member of the ASCLS community. Students, new professionals, and new members will develop meaningful relationships with mentors to promote personal and professional growth within ASCLS and beyond.

Mentors and mentees are paired up one-on-one and are free to discuss any goals or challenges the mentee wishes to work toward. In addition, supplemental information on everything from the history of ASCLS to how to plan a state meeting is provided to the pairs to further enhance discussion.

Mentors should be active ASCLS professional members and have at least five years of membership within the organization. To qualify as a mentee, applicants should be ASCLS members in the Developing Professional or Ascending Professional categories or be a new member/new professional that has been in the organization for less than five years.

Mentor-mentee pairs need to establish a positive, professional relationship with each other by establishing mutual trust and respect and maintaining regular interaction and consistent support. The Mentorship Committee requests you make contact with your mentor or mentee at least once a month using some form of communication medium that is determined by the mentor-mentee pair.

The formal program spans one year and after the program the pairs are encouraged to remain in contact. Mentors can sign up to be part of the program again and mentees are able to reapply as mentors themselves once they meet the mentor requirements.

Apply by July 15
The application period for the 2019-20 mentorship program is now open! Applications are due by July 15, 2019.

Mentee Application for those who would like to be connected with a mentor.

Mentor Application for those who would like to assist with the program.

If you have questions about the ASCLS Mentorship Program, please contact Heather McLaughlin, 2019-20 Mentorship Committee chair.

“I’m new to ASCLS and there is a lot I don’t know. Being paired with someone who has been in ASCLS longer with more experience was very helpful.” – Mentee

“I wanted to join the mentorship program to gain more knowledge and experience from those who have been with the profession for years. It was nice to get a different perspective on issues from outside your own mentors within your state and local societies.” – Mentee

“I think a mentorship program provides a great opportunity for members who even just want to learn more about ASCLS. The more they learn the more likely they are to not only maintain their membership but also to become involved. This also provides an opportunity to help develop future leaders of the organization. Even though my mentee already held a leadership position, she had lots of ASCLS-related questions. I think she now understands the ‘why’ behind things she has to do, and it all makes more sense.” – Mentor

“I wanted to help guide new professionals through the complicated environment that is ASCLS and medical laboratory science in general. I wanted to be there for someone when they had questions regarding our organization as well as job related questions.” – Mentor