Alpha Mu Tau Fraternity provided $41,000 in scholarships to the following students.

  • Royce Watson Graduate Scholarship: Kristen Sigl
  • Ruth M. French Scholarship: Georgia Artzberger
  • James Holley Scholarship: Rachel Schaeferle
  • Dorothy Morrison Scholarship: Stephanie Jacobson
  • Eleanor Parchman Scholarship: Katelyn Hadlich
  • Ida & May Reilly Undergraduate Scholarship: Jada Hicks
  • Martha Winstead Scholarship: Rachel Siddall
  • Roma E. Brown Memorial and Nellie M. Bering Scholarship: Afaf Maslah
  • Unnamed AMTF Scholarships: Amani Adeeb Abushamma, Trevor Davis, Ebalin Dutan, Carli Dyba, Laura Kelley, Kenedee Kristjanson, Edward McVoy, and Isis-Dominique Navarro.

The ASCLS Education and Research (E&R) Fund provided $13,000 in scholarships to the following students.

  • Edward C. Dolbey Graduate Scholarship: Shannon Kern
  • Edward C. Dolbey Undergraduate Scholarship: Jacob Dickman
  • Edward C. Dolbey Undergraduate Scholarship: Karlee Quail
  • “Bunny” Rodak Undergraduate Memorial Scholarship: Lacie Melder
  • Southern Undergraduate Scholarship: Mariana Salcido
  • Kanuth Undergraduate Scholarship: Mollie Wynn

Joseph J. Kleiner Memorial Award, administered by the E&R Fund, is given to the authors of the best Clinical Laboratory Science article of the year. This year’s recipients are Claire Owaja, Evelyn Roback-Navarro, Naomi Iwai, and Nadine Leret for “Hyperglycemia Activates the CD27-CD70 Axis on Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells.”