Volume 36 Number 5 | October 2022

ASCLS Education & Research Fund, Inc.The ASCLS Education & Research Fund, Inc., is pleased to announce two new scholarships that will be awarded in 2023.

Barbara Snyderman has funded a scholarship called the Snyderwomen Scholarship. It is in memory of her mother, Shirley Snyderman, and her aunt, Eda Snyderman, both of whom inspired her career. Eda was a non-degreed MLT who passed the MT HEW exam on her first attempt. Shirley insisted that Barbara go into medicine or accounting. Barbara claims that she doesn’t balance her checkbook, so becoming an MLS was clearly the right decision. Collectively, the three were known to friends as the “Snyderwomen.” This scholarship will award $1,500 to a current ASCLS member who is a deserving MLT that has matriculated into an MLS program, which is the path that Barbara took in obtaining her degree.

The second scholarship is the ASCLS Past Presidents Scholarship, funded by the generosity of ASCLS past presidents. The ASCLS Past Presidents Scholarship will support a current ASCLS member who is a graduate student (in a master’s or doctoral program) with a $2,000 scholarship. This scholarship is accepting donations. Regions, states, and individuals can donate to this scholarship in honor or memory of a favorite ASCLS past president.

Learn more about the E&R Fund and how you can donate to or apply for a scholarship.