ASCLS is excited to announce the recipients of the ASCLS Voices Under 40 Spotlight, a recognition of our many, talented and committed young professionals under 40 years old. The ASCLS Voices Under 40 Spotlight has been developed to honor ASCLS members who have shown exceptional commitment to ASCLS, the laboratory profession, and their community at large at a young age in their professional careers.


      • Age less than 40 years old
      • Boundless enthusiasm for the profession and for ASCLS
      • Looked up to as an ambassador for Medical Laboratory Science and for ASCLS

The candidates were selected based on involvement in professional, legislative, and civic arenas. Applications, nomination letters and personal statements were scored and ranked by a group of their peers. The top candidates were selected for 2024 and will be showcased throughout the 2023-24 ASCLS Membership year.

Do you know an individual that should be recognized as a 2024 Voices Under 40 recipient? Submit their name here by March 1, 2024. 

Following nomination:

  • Nominees will be contacted to confirm acceptance after the nomination deadline.
  • Nominees submit their completed nominations form to ASCLS Membership Committee by April 1st.
  • Honorees recognized at the 2024 Joint Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Beginning in August, monthly spotlights on recipients are included on the website and in Society News Now.
Voices Nomination Form

Anna Adams

Spotlight Article

Medical Laboratory Scientist
Western Montana Clinic
Missoula, MT

Spotlight Article

Nicholas Brehl, M.Ed, MLS(ASCP)CM
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; Director of Health Professions Programs; Director of Medical Laboratory Science Program; Diane S. Leland Scholar
Indiana Universtiy School of Medicine
Bloomington, IN

Spotlight Article

Elizabeth Dahlgreen, MLS(ASCP)CM
Director of Laboratory Services
Advocate Aurora Healthcare
Maryville, WI

Spotlight Article

Kate DeAngelo, MLS(ASCP)CM
Medical Laboratory Scientist
St Luke’s Magic Valley
Twin Falls, ID

Spotlight Article

Justin Hanenberg, MLS(ASCP)CM
Regional Account Manager
ZEUS Scientific
Sherman Oaks, CA

Spotlight Article

Kyle McCafferty, MLS(ASCP)CM
IRL Technologist
American Red Cross
Troy, MI

Spotlight Article

April Nelson, PhD, MLS(ASCP)CM
Clinical Assistant Professor
South Dakota State University
Renner, SD

Spotlight Article

Cheyenne Reyes, MLS(ASCP)CM
Associate III, Diagnostics Manufacturing Division
American Red Cross
Inwood, WV

Spotlight Article

Sarah Steinberg, MS, MLS(ASCP)CM
Clinical Coordinator
Casper College
Casper, WY

Spotlight Article

Tiffany Wafford, MS, MLS(ASCP)SBB 
Assistant Professor
UT Health San Antonio
La Vernia, TX



Dana (Bostic) Baker, Kansas

Michelle Campbell, Minnesota

Sophia Chandrasekar, North Carolina

Jenny Ford, Florida

Franki-Marie Herdt, Wyoming

Zachary Lunak, North Dakota

Christie Massen, North Dakota

Alexandra Nussbaum, Minnesota

Letycia Nunez-Argote, Kansas

Victoria Rensink, Montana

Samantha Salm, Wisconsin

Tera Webb, Alabama


Kelie Augustine, Hawaii

Lisa Bakken, Illinois

Julie Bayer-Ville, Virginia

Cara Bushmaker, Montana

Cliff Cymrot, Virginia

Galina Dronova, Minnesota

Kathryn Golab, Wisconsin

Stephanie Jacobson, South Dakota

Heather Kobza, Arizona

Stephanie Noblit, Pennsylvania

Aaron Odegard, Florida

Crystal Paul, Minnesota


Adrienne Davis Zapfe, Ohio

Jesse Day, Tennessee

Melissa Dumoulin, Idaho

Constantine Kanakis, Illinois

John Ko, Michigan

James Payne IV, New York

Kemorine Roberts, Georgia

Stephanie Whitehead, Texas


Anna Adams, Montana

Nicholas Brehl, Indiana

Elizabeth Dahlgreen, Wisconsin

Kate DeAngelo, Idaho

Justin Hanenberg, California

Kyle McCafferty, Michigan

April Nelson, South Dakota

Cheyenne Reyes, Louisiana

Sarah Steinberg, Wyoming

Tiffany Wafford, Texas


Sadie Arnold, Montana

Michelle Butina, Kentucky

K. Lindsey Davenport-Landry, Iowa

Joanna Ellis, Texas

Kristin Landis-Piwowar, Michigan

Mallory Janquart, Wisconsin

Kristina Martin, Michigan

Nicholas Moore, Illinois

Rebecca Rogers, Tennessee

Perry Scanlan, Tennessee


Sheila Gibbons, Illinois

Melanie Giusti, Ohio

Alexa Pierce-Matlack, Delaware

J Eric Stanford, Tennessee

Hillary “Ally” Storla, Georgia

Ian Wallace, Colorado

Kami McGann, Idaho

Mariane Wolfe, Michigan


Kate Bernhardt, Illinois

Mechelle Reeve, Idaho

Stephanie (Rink) Mabry, Michigan

Cherika Robertson, Arkansas

Pankaj Kumar Sethi, Georgia

Brooke Solberg, North Dakota

Abby Wichman, Montana


Hollie Bearce, Idaho

Krystal Bullard, Tennessee

Nicole Buza, Wisconsin

Joshua Cannon, Pennsylvania

Kristen Croom, Hawaii

Kelcey Harper, Massachusetts

Joshua Pulido, California

Stephanie Souza, Arizona