Alpha Mu Tau Fraternity provided $45,000 in scholarships to the following students.

Royce Watson Graduate Scholarship: Abbey Hilden
Ruth M. French Scholarship: Joanna Miranda
James Holley Scholarship: Tanya Kranski
Dorothy Morrison Scholarship: Alexandra Mercorelli
Eleanor Parchman Scholarship: Sasha-Gaye Isaacs
Ida & May Reilly Undergraduate Scholarship: Sarah Burns
Martha Winstead Scholarship: Lacie Posterick
Roma E. Brown Memorial and Nellie M. Bering Scholarship: Sarah Bergbower
Unnamed AMTF Scholarships: Emily Adas, Elif Esra Cetin, Morgan Fisher, Alexa Gathman, Julia Hudgens, Ansar Iqbal, Briena Jarvi, Rachel Knutson, Marissa Lutz, and Eleanor Sis

ASCLS Education and Research Fund provided $11,000 in scholarships to the following students.

Edward C. Dolbey Graduate Scholarship: Sharon Ziemba
Edward C. Dolbey Undergraduate Scholarship: Maria Sinoy
“Bunny” Rodak Undergraduate Memorial Scholarship: Erin King
Dan Southern Undergraduate Scholarship: Sarah Ballard
Michelle Kanuth Undergraduate Memorial Scholarship: Olivia Kempes

Joseph J. Kleiner Memorial Award, administered by the E & R Fund, this award is given to the lead author of the best Clinical Laboratory Science article of the year. This year’s recipient is Janelle M. Chiasera for Acute Myocardial Infarction: Definition, Diagnosis, and the Evolution of Cardiac Markers. Honorable Mention was awarded to Nadine M. Lerret for The Role of Hyperglycemia in CD4 T Cell Survival and Differentiation.

The I. Dean Spradling Graduate Research Award was awarded to Leah Ames for Reducing Medical Errors: Perceptions of Collaboration with a Doctor of Clinical Laboratory Science.

E & R Member Grant Awards support members of the clinical laboratory profession who are conducting scientific investigation in the field of clinical laboratory science. The 2019 recipients are Tim Randolph for Effect of Exercise on Abnormal Baseline Biomarkers in Sickle Cell Trait and Nadine M. Lerret for Hyperglycemia-induced Inflammation via the CD27/CD70 Pathway.

Once again, Beckman Coulter provided Student Travel Grants to attend and experience the Joint Annual Meeting. In 2019 the following individuals received a grant: Audra Callender, Louisiana; Elif Cetin, Virginia; Steven Fowler, Alaska; Doryan Redding, Texas; and Allison Young, Michigan. This sponsorship is truly an investment in the future of clinical laboratory science.

In addition, fundraising allowed travel grants to be awarded to support developing or ascending professionals to attend the 2019 Joint Annual Meeting.

ASCLS Developing Professionals Forum Travel Grants: Leah Ade, Kansas; Madalyn Davis, Ohio; James Hollowell, Mississippi; and Monika Paneru, Louisiana.

ASCLS Ascending Professionals Forum Travel Grants: Kate DeAngelo, Idaho; Elizabeth LeFors, Mississippi; Biwedeou Magnan, New York; Kyle McCafferty, Michigan; Edward (Ellis) McVoy, Arkansas; and Amanda Sanchez, Texas.

Diversity Advocacy Council Travel Grant: Meera Patel, Kentucky.

Check out the ASCLS Awards and Scholarships webpage for information on applying for these grants and scholarships in 2020.