The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) and its 9,000 clinical laboratory professional, student, and educator members in more than 50 state and regional constituent societies work to advance the expertise of clinical laboratory professionals who, as integral members of interprofessional healthcare teams, deliver quality, consumer-focused, outcomes-oriented clinical laboratory services through all phases of the testing process to prevent, diagnose, monitor, and treat disease. The Society promotes high standards of practice by holding the profession accountable to a Code of Ethics, through dissemination of knowledge at educational programs, and through publications; maintains a supportive community to advocate on behalf of current and future laboratory professionals; and provides laboratory professionals a voice to legislators and regulators through collective, grassroots efforts.

History and Evolution of our Name and Logo

The American Society for Medical Technologists was incorporated in the State of Michigan in 1936 and would later change its name to the American Society for Medical Technology in 1985.

The ASMT logo was used in a variety of ways, most notably imprinted on membership pins recognizing recruitment efforts as part of the Pyramid Club.

ASMT Membership Pins

In 1998, ASMT official changed to its current name the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS). While the old logo had served the organization well, a new acronym meant a new logo could be created. At the time, the phrase “Voice. Value, Vision.” was part of the Society’s early leadership development programming. The Society hired a design firm tasked with developing a new logo that incorporated the symbolism of 3 Vs.

ASCLS Logo Pre-2016

Nearly 20 years later, in 2015, the Society began work on a new, contemporary logo. A member contest was held, and the winning submission was used by professional designers to develop a new logo that made the distinction of 3 Vs clearer.

ASCLS Triangles

A new logo was adopted in 2016. The triangles were made solid and separated slightly and the two colors of the earlier logo, along with the addition of grey, were applied directly to the Vs. The brand now is the visual identification foundation of a whole family of ASCLS brands that reflect a similar aesthetic and color palette.