The Developing Professionals Leadership Award recognizes a student member who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and who has contributed to the growth and development of the Developing Professionals Forum. Nominees for the Developing Professionals Leadership Award were Eykka Gundlach, Minnesota, and Rachel Schaeferle, Michigan.

The 2020 Developing Professionals Leadership Award winner is Eykka Gundlach.

Eykka was the Developing Professionals Forum chair for 2019-20 and the vice chair for 2018-19. She also participated in the ASCLS Nominations Committee and was a member of the Minnesota Membership Committee.


The Ascending Professionals Leadership Award recognizes a member of ASCLS who has contributed significantly to the field of clinical laboratory science and the Society within the first five years in the profession and who has made a significant contribution and shown a talent for leadership. Nominees for the Ascending Professionals Leadership Award were Kyle McCafferty, Michigan; Aniqa Rattu, New York; and Kelsey Reschly, North Carolina.

The 2020 Ascending Professionals Leadership Award winner is Aniqa Rattu.

Aniqa served as the Ascending Professionals Forum representative from Region I for 2019-20. She also serves on the ASCLS-New York Board of Directors currently.

Congratulations to Eykka and Aniqa for their leadership, their support for the clinical laboratory profession, and their passion for ASCLS.