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Sarah Steinberg

Trials and Tribulations of Burnout

Volume 37 Number 5 | October 2023 Sarah Steinberg, MS, MLS(ASCP)CM, ASCLS Ascending Professionals Forum Secretary Burnout. That is the word that everyone is warned about, but few of us actually heed. I always thought that burnout was a myth. I thought similar to my immune system, I had built up an immunity to burnout.…

Ali Nussbaum

It’s not Me, It’s YOU!

Volume 37 Number 5 | October 2023 Ali Nussbaum, MHHSA, MLS(ASCP)CM, caPM, ASCLS Board of Directors Have you gone to speak with a co-worker and they snapped rudely at you? Have you ever gone to a supervisor and they brushed you off? These experiences are confusing, hurtful, and personal. It is hard to ignore an…

Kyle Barksdale presents at the the Fletcher Technical Community College’s Lab Fair

Teamwork Inside and Outside of the Laboratory

Volume 37 Number 5 | October 2023 Gabrielle Elizabeth D’Antoni, MLT(ASCP)CM Merriam-Webster defines teamwork as “work done by a group acting together so that each member does a part that contributes to the efficiency of the whole.” Success of a laboratory is based on the teamwork of all—whether it is a lonely night shift for…

Online meeting with coffee mug

Faculty Buy In: How Do We Get It?

Volume 37 Number 5 | October 2023 Starting an Online Medical Laboratory Science Education Program Part Five Elizabeth A. Gockel-Blessing, PhD, MLS(ASCP)CM Amanda Reed, MAE, MLS(ASCP)CM We are back from summer break and eager to continue our series on building an online MLS program. As you may recall, in our previous articles we addressed the…

Alpha Mu Tau Fraternity

The Alpha Mu Tau Fraternity and the ASCLS Connection

Volume 37 Number 5 | October 2023 Perry M. Scanlan, PhD, MLS(ASCP)CM, AMTF President Alpha Mu Tau Fraternity (AMTF) is a charitable non-profit honor society with the primary purpose of recognizing professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of medical laboratory science and seek to enhance our profession by providing scholarships to support…

2022-23 ASCLS President Kim Von Ahsen with 2023 ASCLS Lifetime Achievement Award Winner George Fritsma

2023 ASCLS Lifetime Achievement Award

Volume 37 Number 5 | October 2023 The Lifetime Achievement Award celebrates an ASCLS member who has made significant contributions to ASCLS as well as the laboratory field, and who, by example, has inspired others. This is the 10th year for this award. There were three nominees—Kathryn Doig, Michigan; George Fritsma, Alabama; and Barbara Snyderman,…