• The Developing Professional Leadership Award recognizes a student member of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and contributed to the growth and development of the ASCLS Developing Professionals Forum.

All nominees will receive recognition at the ASCLS Annual Meeting Awards Ceremony where the winner will be announced and receive a plaque.


The nominee must be:

  • A student member of ASCLS four months prior to nomination.
  • A nominee remains eligible even if his/her membership status changes from “Developing Professional” to “Ascending Professional” before the ASCLS Annual Meeting.

Please remember: To be nominated for this award is an honor in itself. Each constituent society is asked to nominate a deserving member.


Nominations are made by a constituent society/region. One Developing Professional member per society/region is allowed. A previous nomination will not disqualify a person for re-nomination.

  • The nominating society or region (constituent society president or region chair) completes the Online Awards Nomination Form, uploading all documents.
  • A nomination letter, to be used only to announce the winner, explaining why the candidate merits the award must be included in the on-line submission. It is the nominator’s responsibility to write and submit the nomination letter and to collect and upload all documents.
  • All forms must be typed and submitted electronically. CVs are not acceptable.
  • All four documents must be received by February 15. Nominations lacking any form will not be accepted.
  1. Download and Complete Attachment 1: ASCLS Society Involvement
  2. Download and Complete Attachment 3: Developing Professional Leadership Form
  3. Complete the Online Nomination Form and upload Attachment 1, Attachment 3 and Letter of Nomination

ASCLS reserves the right to withhold the award for the current year if nominees do not meet requirements.

2023 Recipient

Katelyn Farrar, MI

2023 Developing Professional Leadership Award Winner Katelyn Farrar

Katelyn Farrar, MI
Clayton Fraker, WI
Ivann Martinez, AR

2022 Recipient

Alexander Shaw, MN

Kelly Gambino, MO
Dioco Reyes, IL
Alexander Shaw, MN
Michele Sloma, NJ

2021 Recipient

Katelyn Hadlich, MN

Katelyn Hadlich, Developing Professional Leadership Award 2021

2020 Recipient

Eykka Gundlach, MN

Eykka Gundlach, MN
Rachel Schaeferle, MI

2019 Recipient

Christal Lane, TN

Alex Boryszczuk, IL
Eykka Gundlach, MN
Charmaine Devera Kuehne, HI
Christal Lane, TN