The Clinical Laboratory Science Distinguished Author Award recognizes authors of original relevant articles and of value to clinical laboratory science, published in Clinical Laboratory Science.

Award: Award recipients receive plaques at the ASCLS Annual Meeting Awards Ceremony.

Clinical Laboratory Science subscribers and Clinical Laboratory Science editorial board members may submit nominations. Recipient determinations are made by the CLS editorial board members.  Email nomination letters, stating specific relevancy and value, and the title of the article for which the author is nominated, to Editor-in-Chief Perry Scanlan at .

Eligibility: Any author published in Clinical Laboratory Science may be nominated.

Articles should be:

  • Original
  • Of high-quality writing
  • Relevant to the clinical laboratory science profession
  • Of value to the clinical laboratory science profession


2020 Recipients

Mitzi Glover, Tina Patel Gunaldo, Donald E. Mercante, Angela Foley, and Michele Zitzman
“Promoting Interprofessionalism within an Academic Environment”

Clinical Practice
Catherine Montemore, Yuliya Dobrydneva, and Marcia Firmani
“The Impact of Blood Utilization Guidelines on Product Usage”

Research and Reports
Linda Le, Kayla Schmidt, Mark Vanzo, and Tim Randolph
“Anemia and Anemia Biomarkers in Developing Countries”

Erin Graf, Caitlin Dougherty, Vincent Escuyer, and Stephanie Mitchell
“The Emergence of Pathogenic Genomics in Diagnostic Laboratories Series”

2019 Recipients

 Patricia Tille, Roslyn McQueen, and Hassan Aziz

Hassan Aziz and Patricia Tille
“A Comprehensive Assessment Plan for Medical Laboratory Science Programs”

Clinical Practice
Devin Bourne, Samer Farraj, Justin Rhees
“Current Practice of Mitigating Monoclonal Anti-CD38 Interference in Pretransfusion Compatibility Testing”

Research and Reports
Katie Wilkinson, Tyler Wilkinson, Candace Adamson, Timothy Herzog, Tracy Covey, Barry Lloyd, and Matthew Nicholaou
“Polyoxometalate Induces Susceptibility of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus to Oxacillin”

Rebekah Martin
“Antimicrobial Resistance: History and Perspectives”