The Robin H. Mendelson Memorial Award was established in 1971 to commemorate a courageous young man who struggled for five years with kidney dialysis and two transplants during the infancy of transplant technology. The award honors outstanding service and contributions to ASCLS, the ASCLS Education and Research Fund, and to the Clinical Laboratory Science profession.

Presentation: The award is a plaque that is presented to the outgoing ASCLS president and up to three additional honorees at the close of the annual ASCLS House of Delegates.


  • Outgoing ASCLS president (automatic, no nomination is required)
  • Current or outgoing elected or appointed ASCLS officer or employee
  • Current or outgoing chair or member of the ASCLS Education and Research Fund, Inc.
  • ASCLS member or other professional whose particular contribution is deserving of recognition during a chosen time period

Nominations: Current ASCLS board members are invited to prepare nomination letters. ASCLS members are encouraged to submit recommendations to their ASCLS Region Director. Nomination letters must include:

  • Nominee's name, degree, affiliation, and full contact information (address, phones, email)
  • Specific contribution for which the nominee is being honored
  • Date or period of time the contribution was made

Nomination deadline: April 15

Nominator: please attach the electronic nomination letter and email to Executive Vice President at Only electronic documents are accepted.