The purpose of the ASCLS Constituent Society or ASCLS-affiliated Group Website Award is to recognize excellence in a constituent society’s or other ASCLS-affiliated group’s (e.g., Developing Professional Forum or Alpha Mu Tau Fraternity) website.

Award: Winning socities/affiliated groups receive a plaque at the ASCLS Annual Meeting.

Nominations deadline: February 15

Nominations for this award are made via the Online Awards Application Form.


All ASCLS constituent societies/affiliated groups are eligible to submit entries with the following provisions:

  • The constituent society’s/affiliated group’s website contains a link to the ASCLS website.
  • The website is permanent rather than one developed for a meeting/event/activity and then removed.

The Awards Committee reserves the right to withhold the award for the current year if nominees do not meet requirements.

Judging criteria:  The constituent society’s or ASCLS-affiliated group’s website judged to be in the top three from among all of the entries will receive an award.  Judging of each entry is based on the following:

  • Overall appearance — the website is inviting for the receiver to read.  It “jumps out” for the reader from the screen. It is easy to follow and has consistent type styles.
  • Coverage and content — the content of the website should have appeal, relevance, diversity and balance. It should be relevant to clinical laboratory science; have a balance of national, regional, and local information.
  • Creativity and display — the design elements should reflect imaginative and original planning. It should be easy to get to and easy to view. Posted links must be current and functional. Each page should have a clear center of interest with captions, headlines, photos and copy effectively filling the allotted space.
  • Photos, arts and graphics —  the photos are of good quality and reflect imaginative and original layout and spacing. Graphics and artwork have technically good quality that enhances the site.
  • Copy — the copy is informative, interesting and includes imaginative captions, relevant news, and understandable information, etc. The most important facts are readily visible.

2020 Recipients

1st Place

2nd Place
ASCLS-New Jersey

3rd Place

2019 Recipients

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place