ASCLS allows Constituent Societies to host a website on our Higher Logic Thrive platform at no cost.


There is no cost associated with hosting the website.

Domain Name:

If a Constituent Society wishes to keep its domain name (i.e.,, you must pay the domain registration fee associated with the cost. We recommend Squarespace. Once your website is created, a staff member will walk you through how to sync your website with your domain name.

If you choose not to register your own domain, your domain will be


  1. Alignment with the overall ASCLS brand.
  2. Complementary logo you can use on your website, social media, publications, etc.
  3. Multiple people can be added as Community Admins, who have the ability to edit your website.
  4. Staff will provide training and technical assistance.
  5. Site components, or wedges, can pull syndicated content such as calendar information over from the ASCLS Connect Community.


Any Constituent Society using our platform must:

  1. Use only the standard ASCLS color scheme for the site template.
  2. Use a logo compliant with the ASCLS logo, which will include the usage of correct colors, triangles, and the addition of the state name. Please note: logos can have an element of “flair” that is unique to the state that is outside of the ASCLS color scheme.
  3. All websites will include the following pages: home page, about, news, events, and connect.

If interested, please fill out the form below:

Website Agreement for Constituent Societies

The primary goal of a website is to assist ASCLS Constituent Societies in disseminating information to constituent members and the general public. By hosting a website on the Higher Logic Thrive platform, provides constituent societies with a full-functioning website at no cost while adhering to the ASCLS brand.

List of Community Admin(s)(Required)
Please write down the name and email address of each person that you would like to be a community administrator. These people will have the opportunity to edit the website and add content. Please click the "+" button on the right-hand side to add each person separately.