ASCLS Logo Guidelines

Usage of the ASCLS logo is permitted by members in activities that uphold the mission and vision of the society.

  • Usage of the ASCLS logo by non-members must be approved by the ASCLS Executive Vice President (EVP).
  • Associated organizations (e.g., state constituent groups) have license to integrate the ASCLS logo into their organization logos. For assistance updating a constituent society logo, contact the ASCLS Director of Marketing and Communication. Any use of the ASCLS logo in another logo must be approved by the ASCLS EVP.
  • The vector image of the ASCLS logo should be used in order to maintain the quality of the image. Vector images can be obtained from the ASCLS Office. Do not attempt to recreate the logo.
  • Modifications of the logo are not permitted, unless a universal change is deemed appropriate by the ASCLS Board of Directors.
  • The ASCLS logo should contain the ASCLS name within the image.
  • The ASCLS logo uses the font Futura LT Book. Best results for integrating this logo in print or electronic materials will occur when Futura family fonts are used for other design elements.
  • The logo should not be stretched to cause a distorted image.
  • The logo should maintain a proportional shape when enlarged or reduced.
  • The logo should not be obscured by other writing/print, or physical elements such as hole punches/creases in publications.
  • Questionable usage questions should be directed to the current ASCLS staff members
  • Dependent on the medium being used containing the logo the following is available. Dependent on the vendor availability of color options every effort should be made to match these color palettes:
Download the ASCLS logo

Right click to save image to your computer. Images cannot be altered.

Download Color Logo (jpg)

Download Color Logo (png)



  • Blue: 100/93/23/15
  • Green: 90/44/40/12
  • Grey: 0/0/0/80


  • Blue: 287 CVC
  • Green: 320 CVC
  • Grey: 80% Black


  • Blue: 37/50/113
  • Green: 0/110/127
  • Grey: 88/89/91


  • Blue: #253270
  • Green: #006d7f
  • Grey: #58585b

ASCLS Connect Logo

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Download White Logo (png)


Orange Color

HEX – #f05a28

RGB – R: 240 G: 90 B: 40

Website Hosting for Constituent Societies

ASCLS can assist constituent societies in hosting their websites on the Higher Logic Thrive platform at no cost. ASCLS staff will walk you through the process and provide training and technical assistance.

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