The Patient Safety Committee serves to promote member understanding of the laboratory professional’s role in patient safety.  The Committee develops and publishes programs, tools, resources and educational materials to improve patient safety, health outcomes and the diagnostic process.
The Committee actively establishes and prioritizes strategic goals and actions to achieve the ASCLS Patient Safety assigned charges.
To meet the needs of the Society and as directed by the ASCLS Board of Directors and/or Leaders, the Committee: 
  • serves to assist ASCLS in achieving its mission to ensure and enhance patient safety
  • collaborates with and serves as a patient safety resource to other ASCLS committees
  • works with partner organizations to maximize patient safety efforts on federal legislative and regulatory advocacy
  • works inter-professionally to improve the diagnostic process, treatment, prevention and patient safety
The Committee holds responsibility for maintaining the following online resources:
  • ASCLS Patient Safety Resources: patient safety published programs, products, resources, and tools
  • ASCLS Patient Safety & Healthcare Quality Community page, library documents, resources, blog articles
  • ASCLS Patient Safety Committee Community page, library documents, and resources
  • ASCLS Position Papers directly related to Patient Safety
The Patient Safety Committee composition, appointment terms and leadership are aligned with the Society’s Standard Operating Procedures.  The committee has two very active primary workgroups:  Education & Research and Products & Promotion.  The Committee may form specialty workgroups as need to complete Society and/or Committee approved goals.
The Committee invites all ASCLS members to get engaged in Patient Safety.  Any member that would like to become an active volunteer with the Patient Safety Committee and is interested in assisting with the development of patient safety programs and products are asked to contact the committee’s chair or vice-chair.  
All ASCLS members are encouraged to join the Patient Safety & Healthcare Quality community. To join, go to the ASCLS Connect Community and sign in using the button in the upper right hand corner. look for  "All Communities > Patient Safety & Healthcare Quality > click "Join".