Nomination deadline: May 1

This award serves to recognize and reward ASCLS members who have demonstrated their leadership potential to the organization, and to provide these members with structured mentoring.

The Key to the Future Program is administered by the ASCLS Leadership Development Committee and is intended to assist constituent societies in the development of potential leaders to serve at local, state, regional, and national levels of the Society. Additionally, the program encourages appointments and nominations of these highly motivated members to positions of responsibility within the organization that will further their leadership development.


Recipients receive recognition and a unique Key to the Future pin at the ASCLS Annual Meeting. Constituent societies are encouraged to appoint/elect awardees as delegates to the ASCLS Annual Meeting.

Each constituent society should recognize their nominees by announcing their names at the constituent society’s annual Awards Ceremony and presenting them with a unique item designated exclusively for this purpose. The names of the winners should be published in the constituent society newsletter.

Nominees are from a constituent (state) society. Each constituent society may recognize a maximum of three members per year.

Method of nomination by a constituent society is to be determined by that constituent society. ASCLS recommends the current constituent society president be involved, with a suggested committee composition including the president, past president, president-elect and the previous year’s recipients.

Key to the Future Recognition Program Online Nomination Form 

Questions may be directed to

  • Must be a new member (within three years), or a longstanding member who has recently increased his/her activity with the society
  • Must be an ASCLS member in the Professional, Ascending Professional, or Developing Professional categories of membership
  • Must have demonstrated leadership potential by directing at least one task force or project, chairing a committee with significant tasks, or performing exceptionally as a constituent society board member or local/chapter officer; outcomes of this involvement must be considered outstanding, creative, and of high quality
  • Must not have received this award previously

Previous Keys to the Future Recipients

Download a list of previous Keys to the Future Awardees (2011-2023)

2023 Recipients

Region 2

  • Emily Alessandrini
New Jersey
  • Adiki Sarkar
  • Paige Snyder
  • Grace Renn
  • Catharine Wingle

Region 3

  • Shanequa Roscoe
  • Katherine Hall
  • Heather McNasby
  • Edward Peterson

Region 4

  • Claire Danielson
  • Joanne Guan
  • Alaina Nido

Region 5

  • Hana Bergling
  • Rachel Siddall
North Dakota
  • Luke Hoff Towle
  • Alissa Volk
  • Allison Waswick
South Dakota
  • Kacie Birkel
  • Hannah Foster
  • Clayton Fraker
  • Megan Kellner
  • Tasha Melms

Region 6

  • Alysia Gazder
  • Kristen Pesavento
  • Tiffany Anderson
  • Kizer Friedley
  • Karen Gunther
  • Brenna Ildza
  • Emily Nichols
  • Sarah Schremser

Region 7

  • Ivann Martinez
  • Sarah Parker
  • Noor Farhat
  • Lauren Gregory
  • Sara Seiler
  • Mary Huerta
  • Felix Morales
  • Jesse Wulff

Region 8

  • Zara Cornelius
  • Anna Marie Bailey

Region 9

  • Samantha Hale
  • Susan Runyan
  • Jessie VanBlaricum