Thank you for agreeing to share your expertise at the 2024 Joint Annual Meeting!

The Joint Annual Meeting is a partnership between you, the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS), the Association of Genetic Technologists (AGT), the Society of American Federal Medical Laboratory Scientists (SAFMLS) and the Annual Meeting Steering Committee to provide continuing education and networking opportunities for lab administrators, directors, supervisors, staff, educators, students and others in the field of clinical laboratory science.  We are eager to publicize your participation in the Annual Meeting program. We appreciate both your cooperation in providing necessary information and your compliance with all program deadlines.  Please review the following information, and submit your response no later than February 23, 2024.  By submitting this form, you confirm your understanding and acceptance of the terms of your participation as stated in this agreement. If you have any questions, please email

This agreement confirms that the presenter will:

Permissions and Copyright

  • Presenter warrants to ASCLS that he/she has secured any copyright permission for any materials not owned by the presenter, not otherwise covered by “fair use” and which are included in the Presenter’s presentation and handouts. Beyond “fair use,” copyrighted materials must not be included in presentations or handouts without license from copyright holders. Presenter agrees to indemnify and hold ASCLS, AGT & SAFMLS harmless against any claims relating to copyright infringement.
  • Presenter agrees to provide ASCLS with an unlimited, non-exclusive license to record, store, and distribute content delivered by presenters as part of this Presenter Agreement.

ASCLS will provide the following:


    • Presenters who have accepted our presenting invitation and are interested in attending the Joint Annual Meeting may do so at a discounted rate. Online registration will be available after March 2024.  A discount registration code will be provided for you to register online.
    • Presenters will receive honoraria as stipulated in individual presenter invitations.
    • Presenters are responsible for making their own lodging arrangements.  Reservation information will be sent with registration details.
    • The Annual Meeting provides meeting website and app, where your electronic handout will be posted.  This enables participants to preview all sessions and print their own handouts. Submit handouts via the Annual Meeting Presenter Website by June 14, 2024.
    • In order to ensure audio and visual success, we require that one PowerPoint presentation be submitted via the Annual Meeting Presenter Website by June 14, 2024. The slides should be uploaded as a .ppt or .pptx file.  Please do not submit slides in PDF format.  Should you need to update your PowerPoint presentation after June 14, 2024, please contact 
    • Commercial Bias: Educational Sessions should be presented without commercial bias. Commercial bias is defined as an unbalanced presentation of educational materials with the goal of swaying opinions in favor of a particular commercial product or business. Presentations about a device, procedure, or testing methodology must be balanced when multiple devices, procedures or testing methodologies exist. The presentation should make mention of what is available, even when not the focus of the presentation.
  • AUDIO VISUAL EQUIPMENT and ROOM SET-UP (for sessions presented in-person)
    • Meeting rooms will be equipped with an LCD projector, a screen, cables, laptop and a passable microphone for audience participation. Please notify Michael Cubbage at by June 14, 2024 if you require any equipment other than the items indicated above.  It will not be possible to make equipment changes on site. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.
    • Most sessions will be set classroom style (tables and chairs) with the possible exception of the keynote sessions which may be set theater style (chairs only) and other sessions for which previous formats have been arranged. Alternate room setup requests will be considered.  Please contact Michael Cubbage at to discuss.


The foregoing is in accordance with my understanding of our agreement.  Amendments or changes to this agreement must be made in writing and must be signed by all parties.

Presenter and Presentation Information

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