“Where do I go to “attend” the Virtual JAM?

We will use Zoom webinars and Zoom meetings to deliver the Virtual JAM. Each session will have its own unique Zoom webinar link, which you will find on the session listing in the online schedule and in the JAM Mobile App schedule once you log in.

Please note that you can use both the web version on your computer and the mobile app on your device to access all Virtual JAM sessions and information. You can switch between formats, or even use both at the same time, depending on your needs.

How do I log into the Virtual JAM?

You can do so using your computer or mobile device:

When using your computer, log in using this link. Be sure to use the email address that you used to register for the Virtual JAM. You will be sent a code to verify your account before you are logged in.

When using your mobile device, download the mobile app and log in. Be sure to use the email address that you used to register for the Virtual JAM. You will be sent a code to verify your account before you are logged in.

Do I need a verification code every time I want to attend a session?

The system will require you to log in to the website or mobile app after extended times of inactivity, or if you log out. This is a security feature. A new verification code is generated each time you log in. You will not need to log in to each individual session, however, just to the event site.

Do I need a Zoom account to attend?

Yes, you must have a Zoom account to participate in the sessions. If you don’t have a Zoom account yet, create a free account here. Speakers, please refer to the instructions provided by meeting staff on using your Zoom account for your presentations.

We also recommend that you install the Zoom Desktop Client on your computer and/or the Zoom Mobile App (for iOS or Android) on your mobile device to have the best in-session experience.

Check that you have the most current version of Zoom (version 5.0).

Will I need a microphone and headphones?

Headphones aren’t necessary, however, using them may give you a better listening experience, might help you focus on the educational session, and will keep you from disrupting those around you.

For all educational sessions, attendees will be muted. However, in certain situations the host may choose to unmute you (if you request to speak) then mute you again. For meetings and social events, if you plan to participate vocally, you will need a microphone. While the internal microphone in most computers/devices will work, we’ve found that using a headset gives you the best experience.

Will I be on camera?

For all educational sessions, attendee video will be turned off. However, for meetings and social events, you will have the option to turn on your camera. If you are participating in any pre-conference workshops, you will have the option to turn on your video as well.

What time zone is the schedule?

All sessions and meetings on the schedule reflect Eastern Time Zone. Unless you are in the Eastern Time Zone, the schedule will not show your specific time zone. However, you can create your personal schedule and then export it to your device or computer, which will reflect your time zone.

Do I have to attend all day?

No, the Virtual JAM program is intended to be flexible. You will receive access to all the sessions, and you can choose when to attend in real-time and when to watch the recorded session. We encourage you to create a schedule that fits your personal situation.

Be sure to take breaks—stand up, stretch, leave the room, get something to eat, do something away from a screen for a while. Come back refreshed and ready to learn.

Also, if you start to participate in one session but find that it’s not what you expected, feel free to leave and join a new session.

What other advice do you have for a great experience?

If possible, have a dedicated space for attending the meeting, away from distractions and interruptions, so you can immerse yourself in the education and experience.

Use the Chat and Q&A features during the sessions to interact with other laboratorians and engage with the presenters.

Fill in your profile so that other attendees can get to know you better. Learn more about using the event app.

How do I claim credit for the sessions I attend? And can I claim credit for recorded sessions that I view later?

At the Virtual JAM we will use the online ASCLS CE Organizer program to document your attendance. Both ASCLS members and non-members can prepare a certificate with CE Organizer.

At the end of each session, the moderator will announce a unique session code for that session. We will provide you a sheet to record the session code numbers for each time slot. You will need this number to get credit for attending the session. You will have the opportunity to claim credit for bth the real-time events that you attend and the recordings that you view later.

Where will I access the recordings and when?

Links to recordings will be added to the session listings in the online schedule and in the JAM Mobile App schedule within 24-48 hours after the session. You will be able to access the recordings through July 31.

How can I stay up to date about the Virtual JAM?

We will send emails out to registered attendees, but most of the communications regarding the Virtual JAM will be sent using the JAM App, which can be accessed on a mobile device or on a computer through the web. Notifications will be pushed to your mobile device; when using your computer, the notification will appear as a red dot in the upper right.

Who do I contact for help?

We have multiple opportunities for you to contact event coordinators for assistance.

  • Email: JAMhelp@ascls.org
  • Through the app, tap on, Attendees, select #JAMhelp at the top of the list, and send a message.