Website Agreement for Constituent Societies


The primary goal of a website is to assist ASCLS Constituent Societies in disseminating information to constituent members and the general public. By hosting a website on the Higher Logic Thrive platform, provides constituent societies with a full-functioning website at no cost while adhering to the ASCLS brand.


• Multiple people can be assigned as community admins, which allows you to edit your site. • Initial training and technical assistance for the website platform can be provided by ASCLS staff. • You can create your own content, pull from your Connect Community, or pull syndicated content from the ASCLS main site. • Complementary logo you can use on your website, social media and publications.


Any constituent society using our platform must: • Use only the standard ASCLS color scheme for the site template. • Use a logo that is compliant to the ASCLS logo which will include usage of correct colors, triangles, and the addition of the state name. Please note: logos can have an element of “flair” that is unique to the state that is outside of the ASCLS color scheme.

Website Non-Negotiables

All websites will include the following pages: Home page, About, News, Events and Connect.
List of Community Admin(s)(Required)
Please write down the name and email address of each person that you would like to be a community administrator. These people will have the opportunity to edit the website and add content. Please click the "+" button on the right-hand side to add each person separately.