The responsibilities of Regional Councils are to:

  • Coordinate activities that span across constituent society boundaries within the region. 
  • Develop programs within the region aligned to the ASCLS strategic pillars of Community, Knowledge, and Advocacy and reinforce, amplify, execute and/or improve on national initiatives.
  • Serve as a peer support community for constituent society leaders to improve constituent society operations
  • Coordinate small group activities connected to volunteer leader training (e.g. treasurers or presidents-elect or board members provided by the national organization) or other educational activities in metropolitan areas that stretch across constituent society boundaries
  • Identify unique, local advocacy opportunities with local providers like health systems that span the regions where the constituent societies can coordinate outreach across state borders

How constituent societies are aligned within regional councils can advance how effectively those responsibilities are accomplished. This exercise will inform how constituent societies choose to align with other constituent societies. We ask each society to rank geographically contiguous societies with which they have the most in common.

Please choose one.

Ranking Most In Common

Please rank each geographically contiguous ASCLS constituent society from the one with which you have the most in common to the one you have the least in common. If you have less than five contiguous societies, please leave the unused spaces blank. You can use any criteria of your own choosing.