The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) is committed to creating virtual and face-to-face meeting environments that is inclusive to the largest number of contributors, with the most varied and diverse backgrounds possible. As such, the Society will provide a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all that is inclusive and free from discrimination, regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, transgender status, age, disability, veteran or marital status, or any other protected categories under applicable law. We are further committed to providing safe and healthy environments for our live, face-to-face events by adopting scientifically-sound guidance from public health experts and complying with directives from local officials.
“Participant” in this policy refers to anyone present at an ASCLS event, including staff, contractors, vendors, exhibitors, sponsors, venue staff, members, and all attendees. This policy includes all events, including ancillary events, official and unofficial social gatherings, and interactions online and on social media. Event venues may be shared with members of the public; please be respectful to all patrons of these locations. All participants must abide by the following policy:

Expected Behavior

  • Be considerate of those around you.
  • Be respectful of others and viewpoints that may be different from your own.
  • Be mindful of your words and actions.
  • Act in a way that keeps you, and those around you, safe and healthy

Unacceptable Behavior

Unacceptable behaviors may include, but are not limited to:
  • Failure to comply with policies from ASCLS designed to maintain health and the wellbeing of all participants.
  • Visual harassment, such as sexual images or sexual language, including presentations and slide decks.
  • Intimidating, harassing, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory or demeaning speech or actions by any participant, including online communications, carried out in the context of an ASCLS event or auxiliary events.
  • Harmful or prejudicial verbal or written comments or visual images related to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability, age, appearance, or any other personal characteristic;
  • Inappropriate or gratuitous use of nudity, sexual images, or stereotyped images in public spaces (including presentation slides).
  • Deliberate intimidation, stalking or following a person online.
  • Harassing photography or recording.
  • Sustained disruption of talks or other events.
  • Unwelcome and uninvited attention or contact in person or online, including unwelcome touching or groping.
  • Real or implied threat of physical harm or of professional or financial damage or harm.
  • Any other illegal activity not already covered above.

Consequences of Unacceptable Behavior

Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated and could result in debarment from current, and/or any future ASCLS events. If a participant is found to be engaging in unacceptable behavior, ASCLS reserves the right to take any and all actions it solely deems appropriate, up to and including expulsion from the event without warning or refund. If appropriate, local law enforcement may be engaged.


Anyone subject to witness to someone else being subjected to behavior that violates this Code of Conduct may report their concerns to any member of the ASCLS Staff or ASCLS elected Officer. All complaints will be treated seriously and responded to promptly. All reports are kept confidential to the extent possible. Staff and Officers will take steps to assist the targets and witnesses of Code of Conduct violations to feel safe for the duration of the event. These may include providing an escort, finding accommodation at a different hotel, or changing travel plans. Staff will NOT contact venue security or local law enforcement unless requested to do so by the target of the Code of Conduct violation or if the conduct is illegal per se.

Participants accused of violating this Code of Conduct may appeal the application of any consequences to the ASCLS Board of Directors via notification to the ASCLS President. Where appropriate, the ASCLS President may engage the ASCLS Judicial Committee. Grievances will be handled in accordance with current ASCLS policies.