“In light of the recent Executive Order on travel into the United States, I would like to assure the members of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science that the organization will continue to support, encourage and applaud the diversity of our members,” said ASCLS President Suzanne Campbell. “We recognize the knowledge, talent and expertise of our colleagues world-wide. We support and encourage professional collaboration as we seek to provide leading edge laboratory services for our diverse patient population.”

At its Fall 2016 meeting, the ASCLS Board of Directors adopted a policy in diversity and inclusion at the state and local level (included below), but the sentiments inform President Campbell’s statement today.

ASCLS Policy on Discriminatory Laws and Statutes

The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) is an inclusive, culturally diverse organization of laboratory professionals that acknowledges the differences and unique characteristics of each member. ASCLS is committed to an inclusive environment where all individuals are treated with dignity and respect.

Laws enacted by states and municipalities that are contrary to embracing diversity and inclusion are unacceptable. ASCLS joins with other organizations, groups, and businesses that condemn discriminatory laws as anathema to our fundamental belief of equality.

Where it has a choice, ASCLS will refrain from scheduling conferences and events, or making other investments in states and municipalities with discriminatory laws and statutes.