The Committee for Educational Programs and Initiatives (CEPI), a sub-committee of the ASCLS Education Scientfic Assembly (ESA), has developed a new career recruitment video and brochure. Special thanks for the medical laboratory personnel at University of Michigan Health System for sharing their stories, and many thanks to Michigan State University for providing printing videography, editing, and production services.

  • Video (duration 2 minutes, 10 seconds)
  • Brochure – can be used as standalone product or in conjunction with career recruitment video
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    • Self – Printing Instructions:
      • Outside page (PDF)
      • Inside page (PDF)
      • The brochure should be printed as a tri-fold document.  
      • The outside page has three separate graphics. The brochure should be folded so that a separate graphic is displayed on each fold.  
      • When opened, the brochure will show the inside page. This page is a single graphic.
      • The brochure can be customized by adding your organization’s logo to the outside page.
      • Due to a recent update with Adobe Acrobat, a problem has been discovered when printing these documents. If you experience any issues, you should complete the following steps:
        1. Select printer.
        2. Click on "Advanced" settings for printer.
        3. Check the box for "print as image."
        4. Print.
      • Printing Preferences:
        • Paper Type: Tri-Fold Brochure Paper (printed front and back)
        • Paper Size: 8.5 x 11
        • Paper Density: 120
        • Paper Weight: 32lbs.
        • Paper Finish: Coated