The 2011-12 Leadership Academy created the “Customizing Your ASCLS Recruiting Strategy” for use at the Regional and State levels.


Using the 2011-2012 Leadership Academy Recruitment Project

Have you hesitated to approach a colleague about becoming an ASCLS member because you can’t find the right words?

The 2011-2012 Leadership Academy has developed materials to help you with recruiting new ASCLS members based on using concise statements (elevator speeches) directed at the prospective member’s career position and the most likely benefits of ASCLS membership that will appeal to them. They have developed a tool that can be used to feel comfortable in recruiting new members and will allow customization of your approach to each individual.

The 2011-12 Class presented their project at the 2012 ASCLS Annual Meeting and some of the tools are available below.

 To learn how to use the ASCLS Recruiting Cards Click Here

 ASCLS Recruiting card Templates: