Available Grants

The Ascending Professionals Forum and the Developing Professionals Forum will collectively be awarding over $2,000 worth of travel and registration grants to Ascending and Developing Professionals attending the Laboratory Legislative Symposium either in-person or virtually. The exact breakdown of these grants will be determined by the number of applicants and their preference of attendance.

How to Apply:

Complete the online form below.

Deadline for Submission:  September 1, 2022


To be considered for a scholarship, each applicant must:

  1. Be a current ASCLS member.  Your application must coincide with your membership category:
    1. Developing Professional members are eligible to apply for the DPF
    2. Ascending Professional member are eligible to apply for the APF travel grant
  2. Be registered for the Laboratory Legislative Symposium, either virtually or in person, at the time of application.
  3. ASCLS APF/DPF officers that are receiving funding from the national orgaization are not eligible for funding.

Preference is given to the following:

    1. First Time attendees.
    2. Members who have a record of active professional/student organization involvement and/or interest in professional activities.
    3. Length of ASCLS membership.

It is expected that recipients will maintain their ASCLS Membership and provide active service at the local, state or national level after receipt of grant.


Travel Grant Application - Legislative Symposium