The ASCLS Leadership Academy is designed to train ASCLS members to be effective leaders generally, which will benefit ASCLS, the profession, and society as a whole.

About the Program

The new ASCLS Leadership Academy is an intense, 12-month program that develops the innate abilities of fledgling laboratory leaders. Over the course of the experience, different leadership models will be explored and participants will understand how to leverage their unique strengths within each model.

Expectations of Participants

The profession is investing in participants and expects that investment to have a return. Leadership Academy participants are expected to:

  • Take on positions of leadership in the Society (state, regional, and national) and contribute to the profession’s health and growth.
  • Reinvest some of their personal success back into this leadership academy in the form of time and knowledge.
  • When provided the opportunity, courageously help transform ASCLS in all its forms.

Who Should Participate

Acceptance into the Leadership Academy is competitive. While ASCLS will underwrite the direct costs of your participation, including program materials and registration fees, there is a significant cost to participants, including travel and lodging. The larger investment is time and effort. Participants will be required to invest significant time over the course of the year, will be required to accept challenges to their views, and will devote considerable intellectual and emotional capital to the experience. You will get out of it what you put into it.

Requirements and Prerequisites:

  • A desire to lead
  • A sense of calling/vocation
  • A belief that your effort can make a difference for someone else or make some problem affecting others better

Program Design

Participants will understand leadership within four increasingly larger spheres of influence: Self > Team > Profession > Public. Each area of concentration takes three months with a theme for each month’s activities. Participants will explore monthly topic with the following elements: assessment, reading, learning, discussion, mentoring, live connection with other members of the class, and an activity.


  • Strengths: Each leader is unique and brings her own strengths.
  • Voice: A leader’s most important tool is her voice.
  • Self-Care: A leader cannot lead unless she is healthy enough to do so. Allow for positive thinking.


  • Influence: A leader cannot be effective if she cannot influence others.
  • Gratitude: The most effective people lead from a position of gratitude.
  • Confrontation: Leadership requires proactively addressing challenges and having difficult conversations.


  • Service: The goal of leadership is not power but service.
  • Vision: Vision is the catalyst to lead change.
  • Build: The mark of a great leader is knowing they are finite and that what they build can be infinite.


  • Determination: Leadership is hard work with moments of doubt. Great leaders overcome those doubts.
  • Ethics: Leadership should be based in deeply rooted ethical foundation.
  • Transformation: The ultimate goal of any leader is for their organization and team to grow and thrive. This requires the team or organization to change, to transform.

Application Instructions

The application for the ASCLS Leadership Academy includes completion of an application form, signature of a statement of commitment to the Leadership Academy; signed employer support statement; and responses to six essay questions. A letter of recommendation and a completed recommendation form from TWO individuals are also required.

In order for your application to be considered, ASCLS must receive all completed materials by the deadline stated on the application form. Electronic submission of all required documents by email is required. Incomplete applications or applications received after this date will not be considered.

Applications will be considered complete once ASCLS has received a signed application form (electronic signature required), signed employer support statement, responses to essay questions, and two (2) completed recommendation forms and letters of recommendation.

Download Leadership Academy Application

Completed application is due April 5, 2021.


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