New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

The 2023 Clinical Laboratory Educators Conference offers in-person attendees the option to take part in a group activity on Friday, March 3. Join the Pestilence, Pandemic & Plague Tour at 7 pm CT for a one-of-a-kind tour of the historic French Quarter.

Infectious outbreaks have plagued New Orleans for centuries. If you’re a bit curious about the strange history of our host city, you’ll want to look no further than its relationship with disease.

Take a historic and strange tour of the squalid conditions of mass disease that New Orleans has encountered. You’ll also hear inspiring tales of coping with filthy and foul conditions.

Walk with the guide to uncover how epidemics such as Yellow Fever, Cholera, and more have infected New Orleans’ inhabitants and how the resilient city recovered. Hear about odd medical practices of long ago, including how voodoo and religion played a part in trying to contain the “uncontainable.”

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CLEC 2023 will be held March 2-4 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Registrants have the option to attend in-person or virtually. Register by February 10 to save $50 off the onsite/late registration rate.