The JAM will keep you updated on new developments and interesting opportunities for the ASCLS-AGT Joint Annual Meeting, June 23-27, 2019, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Annual Meeting 2019

Congratulations to the 2019 Joint Annual Meeting Travel Grant Winners

Congratulations to the following ASCLS Joint Annual Meeting Travel Grant awardees. We look forward to seeing you in Charlotte, June 23-27, for the ASCLS-AGT 2019 Joint Annual Meeting.

Beckman Coulter Grant Web BeckmanCoulter

Thanks to the generosity of Beckman Coulter, five ASCLS Developing Professional members will receive assistance with travel expenses to attend the 2019 Joint Annual Meeting. 

 Audra Callender crop  Esra Cetin Headshot crop  Steven Fowler crop Doryan Redding crop Allison Young Headshot crop

Audra Callender
Shreveport, LA

Elif Cetin
Virginia Beach, VA
Steven Fowler
Anchorage, AK
Doryan Redding
El Paso, TX
Allison Young
Freeland, MI


Diversity Advocacy Council Grant DAC Vertical Bottom 002

Thanks to the generoisty of the ASCLS Diversity Advocacy Council (DAC) members, one undergraduate student will receive assistance with travel expenses to attend the 2019 Joint Annual Meeting.

Meera crop

Meera Patel – Louisville, KY

Developing Professionals Forum Grant

Thanks to the generosity of the ASCLS Developing Professionals Forum, four student members will receive assistance with travel expenses to attend the 2019 Joint Annual Meeting.

Ade Photo crop Madalyn Davis ASCLS Headshot crop Hollowell Headshot crop Paneru headshot crop
Leah Ade
Overland Park, KS
Madalyn Davis
Lebanon, OH
James Hollowell
Natchez, MS 
Monika Paneru
Monroe, LA


Ascending Professionals Forum Grant

Thanks to the generosity of the ASCLS Ascending Professionals Forum, six new professional members will receive assistance with travel expenses to attend the 2019 Joint Annual Meeting.

Kate DeAngelo Headshot crop LeFors headshot crop Biwedeou Pic crop
Kate DeAngelo
Twin Falls, ID
Elizabeth LeFors
Columbus, MS 
Biwedeou Magnan
Deer Park, NY
Kyle McCafferty Pic crop Ellis McVoy Photo crop2 Sanchez Photo crop
Kyle McCafferty
Warren, MI
Edward (Ellis) McVoy
Maumelle, AR
Amanda Sanchez
El Paso, TX


Learn the Secret Stories of Sodium – the Truth about Hydration

 Photo credit: Joost Nelissen

Do you carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go? Do you diligently drink eight glasses (or more) of water every day? Do you hydrate to prevent cramping during exercise?

Did you know there’s no real science behind any of those beliefs?

The risks of dehydration are actually way overblown. Most of our views about dehydration are based on marketing by the sports drink and bottled water industries. In fact, it’s more dangerous to be over-hydrated.

At the ASCLS-AGT 2019 Joint Annual Meeting, June 23-27 in Charlotte, North Carolina, you can hear the real science about The Secret Stories of Sodium: How Healthy People Die from Sodium Imbalance from Dr. Tamara Hew-Butler, a podiatric physician and associate professor of exercise and sports science at Wayne State University in Detroit. Her expertise is in exercise-associated hyponatremia and the endocrine regulation of water and sodium balance.

Dr. Hew-Butler’s session on June 25 will detail the importance of maintaining normonatremia (serum sodium concentration between 135-145mmol/L). Extreme derangements in serum sodium concentration (dysnatremia) often has fatal consequences. However, most cases of hypernatremia and hyponatremia are preventable with the correct balance of fluid and sodium intake.

“Our bodies already possess an extremely sensitive measure of dehydration. It’s called thirst.” – Dr. Tamara Hew-Butler

As long as we have free access to water and drink when we feel thirsty, we’ll be fine, according to Dr. Hew-Butler. Her work has been highlighted on television, radio, and newspapers, including a fun episode of Adam Ruins Everything.

Dr. Hew-Butler will also present Vitamin D – Why We All Need a Little Bit of Sunshine on June 25. Join us in Charlotte for these sessions, and nearly 70 more that cover a wide range of clinical laboratory science. Online registration ends June 7.

New Meeting Format Breaks Down Walls between Laboratory Professionals and Industry Partners


Representing a wide range of laboratory disciplines and services, more than 30 companies, organizations, and educational institutions will join ASCLS and AGT in Charlotte, North Carolina, June 23-27 for the 2019 Joint Annual Meeting.

The new Annual Meeting format presented an opportunity to create a unique, personalized experience where laboratory professionals and industry partners can interact throughout the event. We’ve done away with traditional “exhibit halls” and instead will feature industry displays integrated into the conference and close to the educational sessions. You won’t need to set aside a long block of time to travel to an expo hall and visit with exhibitors; you can learn about the latest in medical laboratory products and services in between sessions, during breaks, or when the time is right for you.

All industry partners are full registrants and encouraged to attend educational sessions that impact their diagnostic area or any area of interest. Partners are also welcome to participate in social activities where all attendees can get to know each other on a personal level.

New this year, the meeting venue includes two Spotlight Theaters where industry partners can provide 30-minute educational or commerical presentations to an intimate audience of attendees. During new Commerical Symposia, partners will have 30-minute sessions in education rooms for in-depth demonstrations. And attendees can now schedule one-on-one meetings with industry partners through the conference app for deeper, more meaningful conversations regarding their products or services.

Career Opportunities
In addition to learning about new products or technologies, the Joint Annual Meeting can introduce you to new opportunities in your career development.

Among the exhibiting organizations are a number of companies and organizations all recruiting for clinical laboratory positions. Additionally, some universities will provide information regarding their advanced degree opportunities for laboratory professionals.

The list of participating industry partners is expected to grow, so make plans now to join us in Charlotte, June 23-27. Register online by June 7.

The Closing Keynote Will Leave You a Happier Person and More Productive Employee

Devin Hughes webWe all want to be happy at work. When you’re happy, it has a powerful effect on your day-to-day life and job. Happy employees are more productive, happy people are more successful, and happy people live longer.

But how do you achieve happiness? The good news is that a big part of how you feel is under your control, and the ASCLS-AGT 2019 Joint Annual Meeting Closing Keynote address will help you learn how.

Devin C. Hughes is an author, speaker, consultant, executive coach, and is best known for his expertise in the science of happiness, organizational/cultural change, diversity and inclusion, and leadership development. His approach draws from the science of positive psychology, positive organizational research, appreciative inquiry, neuroscience, mindset, and mindfulness. He argues that we need to get more comfortable sharing good news and recognizing others for their good work so that we can get our brain in a more positive state more often.

"If we can elicit more positive emotions more often in the workplace or the classroom, every business and educational outcome we care about will improve." – Devin C. Hughes

Get a sneak peek of Devin’s presentation style with his 2016 talk, You Didn't Wake Up To Just Be Average.

Plan to join us in Charlotte, North Carolina, June 23-27, to learn the real, tangible, and practical ways that you can get on the highway to true happiness at work. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated or just want to increase your happiness, you will benefit from this discussion.