Expand your Network at the 2019 Joint Annual Meeting of ASCLS and AGT

Nearly 1,000 laboratory professionals, thought-leaders, and students will gather in Charlotte to learn how practice at the cutting edge in clinical laboratories will be transformed in the foreseeable future and how they can maximize their impact on patient care.

It’s about patients. Nothing else matters.

We are breaking down the walls of the typical medical meeting. The Joint Annual Meeting of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science and the Association of Genetic Technologists is building an event that starts with a fundamentally different understanding of the relationship between medical professionals and industry, with medical societies as connector.

Professionals and industry have mutual interest in advancing medicine for the benefit of patients. Improving care is hard. In partnership laboratory professionals and industry both bring value to an environment of learning, creativity, and innovation.

To that end, we have done away with traditional “exhibit halls” in favor of putting partner displays as close as possible to education, integrating elements that would typically be separate. All industry partners are full registrants and encouraged to attend educational sessions that impact their diagnostic area or any area of interest. Partners are welcome to engage in conversations throughout the space, and participate in social activities.

High Resolution Map (PDF 377 kb)

Confirmed Industry Partners
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Abbott Molecular
  • ADS Biotec Inc.
  • akuratemp - Temperature Controlled Packaging
  • Applied Spectral Imaging
  • Atrium Health
  • AUDIT Microcontrols
  • BC Solutions
  • Becton Dickinson
  • Binding Site, Inc.
  • BioDot
  • BioView USA
  • Chroma Technology
  • Circulogene
  • Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute
  • Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
  • Division of Laboratory Systems, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • Drucker Diagnostics
  • Evoqua Water Technologies
  • FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific
  • Greiner Bio-One
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Leica Biosystems - Cytovision
  • LRS Healthcare
  • Mayo Clinic - Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology
  • MediaLab
  • MetaSystems Group, Inc.
  • Motryx
  • Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
  • Oxford Gene Technology
  • Rainbow Scientific Inc./Genial Genetics
  • Randox Laboratories
  • Rush University
  • Rutgers University - School of Health Professions
  • Sarstedt, Inc.
  • SciGene/
  • Sekisui Diagnostics
  • Trajecsys
  • U.S. Department of State/ Bureau of Medical Services
  • WSLH Proficiency Testing

*as of 6/1819