Amy DeeThe 2022 CLEC Steering Committee is excited to announce Motivational Speaker Amy Dee will present the 2022 Clinical Laboratory Educators Conference (CLEC) Closing Keynote, “The Science of Sanity: Thriving, Challenge & Change in Today’s Busy Healthcare Education World,” on Wednesday, March 16, at 11:30 am MST.

Ms. Dee will turn advanced behavioral science into practical “retrain your brain” techniques for keeping negative thoughts from creating crazy-toxic emotions and situations at home and at work. From interacting with difficult students and coworkers, to coping with the epidemic overload of paperwork, processes, and long hours, she has a genius for using humor to reveal our profound power to stay sane by making small, personal choices each day that wind up changing … everything!

Learning Objectives

  • Identify how confirmation bias alter objective thinking  
  • Describe how thoughts create their emotions and influence their behavior  
  • Summarize the value of accepting what one cannot change 

Ms. Dee is recognized by audiences across the country as a master storyteller and brilliant comedian. She combines her background in standup comedy and theater with her RN degree and experience as a successful business owner to deliver hilarious stories and valuable content on the brain and behavior. Her message and music rise above the boundaries of gender, age, and occupation. Amy’s hilarious stories coupled with her phenomenal content propels audiences to live, act, and work better. 

CLEC 2022 will be held March 14-16 in Denver, Colorado. Registrants have the option to attend in-person or virtuallyRegister by February 18 to get the regular rate and save $50 off the final registration rate.