How have you impacted patient care in the laboratory? Tell us your story. 
The Road to Understanding Campaign was developed by the ASCLS Promotion of the Profession Committee and aims to share your stories and encourage other laboratory professionals to be strong patient advocates.

There are 2,080 miles between the 2017 Annual Meeting site of San Diego, California, and the 2018 Annual Meeting site of Chicago, Illinois. We want to collect 2,080 stories to get the conversation on patient safety started. These stories will be published and displayed at the 2018 Annual Meeting where we will continue the patient safety conversation.


Submit a few sentences to a few paragraphs detailing a time when you impacted patient care.

Tell your story of how you educated or elevated our profession to another healthcare colleague, such as explaining why a specimen must be collected correctly, the consequences of skipped or ignored quality control, or other important topics. Describe to us an interaction where the laboratory's role in patient care was emphasized.

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As laboratorians, we want to know that other members of the healthcare team understand and appreciate our role in patient care. We play an important part in patient safety and see situations every day where laboratory tests are being overutilized, underultilized, misinterpreted, or just ignored.

It is up to us to be the voice for these patients. Who better to consult with other healthcare professionals about laboratory results than those of us who perform laboratory testing every day? Many of you are already having these conversations with doctors and nurses on the floors, units, clinics, etc. We offer a variety of patient safety resources to help cultivate these conversations. Visit our Patient Safety website for more information.