Student Center

Student Forum Officers 2016-2017


Savannah Drake

Richmond, VA

Vice Chair

Niki Buza

Madison, WI


Maria Rodriguez

Bozeman, MT


Helpful Links/Info


Rohde, Rodney E., PhD, "The hidden profession that saves lives", Elsevier Connect,  11 Feb 2014 Web.

Student Forum Practice Exam - download this free study aid

Read 2012-13 SF Vice Chair, Katie Grosz's letter - about benefits of converting to a First Year Professional after graduation


ASCLS Student Forum Scholarships - The ASCLS Student Forum was fortunate to raise enough money through our fundraising to offer ASCLS Student Forum Travel Scholarships.  These awards are different from the ASCLS Student Forum Travel Grants, which are available for travel assistance to our annual meeting and funded through another source.  Student Forum Travel Scholarships provide students an opportunity to attend the Legislative Symposium or the Annual Meeting.  Stay tuned for more information!