Membership in ASCLS confirms a commitment to both your profession and to professional recognition for MLS/MLT. It establishes your support for the importance of professionalism in the workplace. It also provides opportunities to enhance your stature and prestige as an integral part of the healthcare team. Membership in ASCLS is one of the most important steps to becoming a successful professional recognized and rewarded for our contributions to health care. With your membership you join others who are striving for those same goals. Contact for comments, concerns or other submissions.

Lapsed Member Call to Action

Fall is a busy time for ASCLS Leaders, and this Fall is no different.  We need all constituent societies to contact lapsed members. We have streamlined the data submission and phone call process this year. Find out more info here:  If you have questions, contact your regional representative or Andrea Hickey at

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Month  Holiday Submitted by State
February   Valentine's Day  L. Koch  SD
March  St. Patrick's Day  D. Stumpf  ID
April  Spring Greetings  L. Koch  SD
Anytime Professional Message L. Koch SD
Renewal Renewal Message L. Koch SD


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2015-16 Membership Committee Monthly Communications

ASCLS Membership Manual  Membership Recruitment Materials | Example Brochures and Flyers | Membership Application  | Committee Resources | Current Promotions  | New Member Welcome Info  | Example State Communications 


  Membership Committee Monthly Communications

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September 2015 February 2016
October 2015 March 2016
November 2015  
December 2015   

Examples of flyers/brochures to give out at Spring Meetings (modify for your state)


Membership Application

Membership Recruitment Documents

General Recruitment Documents

Student Recruitment Documents

Lapsed Member Campaign

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Membership Committee Member Resources

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ASCLS Membership Manual

  1. Membership Benefits
  2. Membership General Info on Joining
  3. National Membership Committe Members
  4. National Membership Committee Info
  5. Regional Rep Duties
  6. Regional Rep Responsilbilities
  7. State Membership Chair Description
  8. State Membership Chair Duties
  9. Membership Category Questions
  10. Membership Renewal
  11. Student Members and FYPs
  12. State and Region Designations 

Example State Communications by Month