The purpose of the ASCLS Scientific Assembly Bio-Rad Professional Achievement Award is to recognize outstanding professional achievement of an individual ASCLS member within his or her chosen area of academic, scientific or vocational interest. The award for each Scientific Assembly section will be based on specific measurable contributions through evidence submitted to the judges.

Award: Recipients receive a plaque at the ASCLS Annual Meeting.

Nomination deadline: Feb. 15
The nominator completes and forwards the application form, to the nominee. The nominee completes the application form and returns it to the nominator. The nominator will then submit the form electronically thorugh the online submission process. 


  • Must be a member of ASCLS for at least four years prior to nomination
  • Must be a current member at the time of award presentation
  • Must be a member in the applicable section of the Scientific Assembly for at least four current and consecutive years
  • Must be active in programs and policies of ASCLS through the mechanisms of the Scientific Assembly on various levels of ASCLS: local, constituent society, regional and national.

Scientific Assembly section chairs and vice chairs are not eligible while serving in their position. In general, nominees of a specific scientific discipline must NOT have received a Professional Achievement Award in that particular Scientific Assembly in the past ten years (see ASCLS Awards Guidelines for a list).  However, nominees from previous years who did not win the award may be nominated in subsequent years with new information obtained over the current year bolstering the application. While this award is not directed toward administrative aspects of ASCLS, active participation in the Scientific Assembly and ASCLS is of importance. 

The Awards Committee reserves the right to withhold the award for the current year if nominees do not meet requirements.

ASCLS Scientific Assembly Professional Achievement nomination and application forms

ASCLS Scientific Assembly Bio-Rad Professional Achievement Award Past Recipients