ASCLS Committees are vital to the organization's progress.  Several manuals have been developed to help the committees function at their highest level. 

The effectiveness of a committee depends largely on communication.  Regular committee conference calls can be set up through the national office.  Each committee is assigned a Board Liaison who serves as a resource to the committee and a communicator to the Board. 

Committees report to ASCLS and the Board through regular written reports.  The Committee Chair Manual contains the due dates for the reports, instructions, and sample reports. 


Committee Leadership

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Committee Chair Manual PDF (1 MB) Administration 8/19/2016
Student Forum PDF (1 MB) Administration 4/11/2017
SA Handbook PDF (305.43 KB) Administration 6/27/2016
MRC Manual PDF (517.35 KB) Administration 3/1/2011
LDCManual-2003-04 PDF (140.63 KB) Administration 3/1/2011